EtherNet/IP™ EDS

Version 1.00
Date 13-02-2020
Size 52.0 Kb
Type application/octet-stream

Files in the archive file

EDS File    : Bronkhorst_Meter_Controller_EtherNetIP.eds
Icon File   : Bronkhorst_Meter_Controller_EtherNetIP.ico
Bitmap File   : Bronkhorst_Meter_Controller_EtherNetIP.png
Product Name    : Bronkhorst Meter/Controller
Interface type   : EtherNet/IP
Device Profile Name   : Mass Flow Controller
ODVA Conformance Test      : Passed
ODVA File Number      : 10105

This EDS file can be used for all Bronkhorst instruments equipped with an EtherNet™ interface.

The EtherNet/IP™ interface is optional for digital Bronkhorst Mass flow/pressure meters/controllers of the following product series: EL-FLOW Prestige, EL-FLOW Select, EL-FLOW Metal Sealed, LOW-ΔP-FLOW, IN-FLOW, EL-PRESS, EL-PRESS Metal Sealed, IN-PRESS and the mini CORI-FLOW series ML120 and MI1x0.

The EtherNet™ Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) is a file used by the network configuration software tools to help set up devices on the network.

Releases EtherNet/IP™ EDS

Release date: 

  • File: Bronkhorst_Meter_Controller_EtherNetIP.eds
  • Version: 1.00
  • Date: 13-02- 2020
  • By: Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.
  • Description: EtherNet/IP EDS file for Bronkhorst meter/controller

System requirements

  • Bronkhorst meter/controller with EtherNet/ip interface.

EtherNet/IP™ downloads

EtherNet/IP accessories
EtherNet-IP EDS
EtherNet/IP manual

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