Coronavirus: Taking care of each other

March 19, 2020 Ivan van Dam

‘I don’t have an easy message for you tonight. The harsh reality is that the coronavirus is among us and will stay among us for a while.’

These were the words of our Prime Minister Mark Rutte in his speech for the Dutch people. To be fair, it was quite impressive. It had a positive vibe to it, despite the fact that the message itself was rather negative. I couldn’t help but hearing the call for solidarity, because together we can overcome this difficult period and with that I want to bridge the gap to Bronkhorst. Like everyone else in the world we’ll be dealing with the consequences of this crisis as well and that’s exactly why one of our core values is more important than it’s ever been: taking care of each other.

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Taking care of each other doesn’t just apply to the people in Ruurlo who keep our production running or the IT department that does everything in its power to make it as easy and smooth as possible for those who work at home and to keep us connected worldwide. It applies to everyone that is related to Bronkhorst in any way whatsoever. It’s times like these that unleash other forces and coming up with creative solutions, as been shown over the last few weeks. A crisis team has been formed that closely monitors the current situation and provides continuous updates by co-operating with the board on a daily basis. These updates are constantly updated on our Sharepoint Online site. Long story short: We need eachother badly in these difficult times and every now and then we have to improvise, but we’ve managed it so far and we can be proud of that.

Taking care of each other goes beyond our country borders, because our main focus is to keep servicing our customers worldwide at all costs and we do everything to make that possible. Not only in Ruurlo, but together with all our daughter companies and partners worldwide. We believe that we can pretty much accomplish anything, if we just work together in this way. Communication is key, because for now it looks like we’re gonna have to be online for a while.

Together we will overcome this difficult period. Those were the closing words of our Prime Minister as well and he couldn’t have made it more clear.
For now, stay safe!

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