Top 3 blogs about flow meters and controllers in analytical applications

October 13, 2020 Rob ten Haaft

In analytical instrumentation flow measurement and control plays an important role. Gas and liquid flows need to be dosed and controlled very preciously so the analyses can be executed in the right way.

In this blog we share our involvement in three different analytical applications; Trace Elemental Analysis (TEA), environmental analysis (ICP) and gas chromatography.

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1. Flow meters and controllers for elemental analysis

Trace Elemental Analysis plays an important role in environmental analysis, metallurgy, the food industry and pharmaceuticals.

In this blog, Rob, our Industry Specialist for the analytical market shares the last developments, trends he has seen in elemental analysis and the requirements regarding flow controllers from this market. 

2. Inductively Coupled Plasma for environmental analysis

How can a municipality determine if the soil of a piece of land is clean enough for district development to take place, so that new houses can be built? One way to determine the concentration of trace metals and other elements in our environment is by using ICP-AES. We cooperate closely with a major ICP-AES equipment manufacturer. If you use the right gas flow meter or controller in your ICP-AES, the entire system is more accurate and more stable, enabling lower detection limits.

Which is helpful, given the increasingly strict quality and environmental standards. Check out this application story!

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3. MEMS technology to support compact gas chromatography equipment

MEMS technology is more and more used in analytical apparatus. The demand for equipment with a small footprint is rising. One example is the use of MEMS gas flow meters in gas chromatographs. This analytical equipment is useful in determining which antibodies fight various diseases and viruses.

Dion, our MEMS Product Manager, shares the benefits of miniaturization by MEMS technology in such applications.

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