Releases FlowTune™

Release date: 25-10-2022


Date: 25-10-2022
Main changes:
  • Added support for EL-FLOW Prestige hardware revision (SW3 sensor).


Date: 16-04-2021
Main changes:
  • Reworked how available fluid list is determined. System requirement “For FlowTune [customer version] no newer version of another FlowTune may be installed on the same PC to avoid the fluid list being reduced to the BHT fluid list” is therefore no longer a limitation and has been removed from system requirements.


Date: 14-09-2020
Main changes:
  • Fluidsets can be edited for instruments containing a C5 control valve.
  • F-004 (AC/AI/BI) control valve is supported for EL-FLOW Prestige product series.


Date: 21-12-2018
Main changes:
  • Limit allowed minimum pressure to 150 psi for EL-FLOW Prestige PI with 10 bar sensor.
  • “The densities are needed” error no longer occurs on adding a fluidset for EL-FLOW Select instruments.
  • Removed NO2 from EL-FLOW Prestige gas list.


Date: 12-12-2018
Main changes:
  • Added support for EL-FLOW Prestige with 100 on-board gases.
  • Corrected allowed minimum temperature and pressure for EL-FLOW Prestige product series.


Date: 18-01-2018

Main changes:
  • Added support for F-033C and F-033CI valves.


Date: 27-10-2017
Main changes:
  • Added support for F-021AV valve.
  • When no COM port is available, a friendly error message is shown.


Date: 21-09-2016 
Main changes:
  • Fixed error message on opening Edit fluidset window for certain fluids for EL-FLOW Prestige instruments.
  • Pressure outlet can be 0 bar (a).


Date: 15-04-2016 
Main changes:
  • When a new fluidset is added, FlowTune shows the fluid of fluidset 1 by default. However, when the fluid of fluidset 1 is not in the FlowTune fluid list, the new fluidset starts with fluid Air. In that case, it is written to an EL-FLOW Prestige instrument immediately, so the flow range, calculated by the instrument, is calculated correctly.
  • The parity can be changed for Modbus.


Date: 05-02-2016 
Main changes:
  • Updated allowed pressures to match 1500/1000/150 psi (g) equivalent.
  • When fluidset 1 is an actual fluid calibrated fluidset, the pressure of an added fluidset can be set up to the maximum allowed pressure without opening and closing the Edit fluidset window first.
System requirements

Hardware Personal Computer


  • Processor x86 or x64 700 MHz or higher
  • Memory (RAM) 256 MB
  • Hard disk 100 MB available disk space
  • Display 1024 x 768 or higher resolution, 256 colors or more
  • RS232 port with FIFO buffers

Operating system:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (x64 or x86)

Other software:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2 or higher


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