Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we have been working on the question of what measures we can take with respect to the health of our employees, customers and suppliers, and the continuity of our business operations.

Health and continuity
As stated above, Bronkhorst is committed to the continuity of its business operations, as well as the welfare and health of its employees. At our head office in Ruurlo, as well as all our subsidiary and branch offices, we do everything in our power to continue to provide our services in the situation that has arisen.

We closely follow the instructions of the national and regional governments and health services and adjust our policy accordingly. We have taken several important precautions to minimize the risks. We do this, for example, by having our employees work from home if possible and by creating social distance between employees (e.g. production and logistics) for whom working from home is not an option. Employees who show symptoms of the virus are ordered to stay at home or are immediately sent home.

Our colleagues can be reached in the familiar and usual way by telephone or computer. In this period, we would like to ask you to communicate digitally as much as possible.

Field sales
Our area sales managers have restricted visiting clients and work from home or office. They are, of course, available on their mobile or via Teams for all questions. Customers may be visited, provided that COVID-19 measures are respected.

Field service
In case of calamities, we do not, of course, leave users of our instruments out in the cold. We will consider on a case-by-case basis how we can support them if there are problems with the instruments we have supplied.

Visits and training sessions
Our offices are not open to visitors until further notice, unless there is an urgent reason and permission has been granted by the Contingency Team. We have also cancelled all our (inter)national trips and unfortunately also had to postpone physical training sessions for customers. Various training courses are now available online and on a small scale, in-class training is also possible again. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Pick-up and delivery of goods
At our head office in Ruurlo and our production location in Leonhardsbuch, we have taken measures to collect and deliver goods as safely as possible.

Delivery status
At present, our stock of materials is at a customary level and we can deliver materials ordered by you as indicated on our order confirmation. If we have concrete information that longer delivery times will apply to certain products, we will communicate this.

Help in the fight against COVID-19
Based on our commitment to society, Bronkhorst gives priority to providing instruments for projects that can contribute to the fight against corona. We are involved in requests and orders for instruments that are (or will be) used for respiratory equipment, for the distribution of medical gases in (emergency) hospitals, for the preparation of vaccines and for the testing and treatment of gas masks. We ask for your understanding that we handle these requests and orders with extra urgency in order to increase the chance of saving lives.

Stay healthy!


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