All I want for Christmas is … a Mass Flow Meter!

December 4, 2018 Ron Tietge
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The Christmas holidays are coming! And just like in everyday life, Bronkhorst products are important for many applications being used during the Christmas season. Whether it’s decorations or dinner, it stands to reason that flow meters have been used in their production. In this blog I will briefly explain different Christmas related flow applications, and how flow measurement and control is involved.

Adding fragrances in candles

Adding fragrances in candles

Most of us light up a few candles to create a bit of ambiance during Christmas. But besides that extra light you get, they often also have something else to offer. Candles can make a room smell like literally anything. Candle manufacturers work closely with fragrance companies to develop scented formulas that are not only pleasing, but will also burn safely and properly. The addition of fragrance to a candle should be carefully monitored to ensure the candle burns cleanly and safely. For dosing the fragrances in a candle, Bronkhorst CORI-FILL dosing technology would be a very good option to use.

Mass flow control at your Christmas dinner

In most households, Christmas is usually celebrated with a sumptuous dinner. Such a dinner is partly made possible by mass flow meters. These instruments are used for the production of multiple foods and beverages, like:

Bronkhorst instruments are also often used for sealing, coating and sterilisation the packaging of such things as juices or dairy products. Want to learn more about mass flow measurement for the production of foods and beverages? Read all about the different applications in this industry.

Dosing Teflon on baking trays

Dosing Teflon on baking trays

During Christmas dinner my family and I always enjoy using a table grill. But isn’t it frustrating when food sticks to your grill grates? Luckily, the baking tray of a table grill often has a Teflon coating to prevent food from sticking to it. Here mass flow control comes into the picture. Mass flow meters are used to evenly spray Teflon during the production of baking trays for optimal accuracy and consistency.

Christmas LED lights

Christmas and lighting are inextricably linked, for instance when it comes to the sparkling lights that light up your Christmas tree. All those tiny LED lights sparkling away have been produced with the help of a mass flow meter. After all, the working principle of LED is via a two-lead semiconductor light source. The semiconducting material used in LEDs is basically aluminium-gallium-arsenide (AlGaAs), which is accurately applied with mass flow meters. Different wavelengths involved in the process determine the various colours produced by the LEDs. Hence, light emitted by the device depends on the type of semiconductor material used.

The applications explained in this Christmas story are just a fraction of the possibilities that Bronkhorst instruments have to offer. Flow instruments can be used in numerous applications and industries. To find the right flow meter for your application, please follow the link below!

Find the right Flow Meter

And finally, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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