How a holistic view based on big-data can help optimise a thermal mass flow meter for R&D laboratories

July 11, 2017 Erik Tiemensma

Following the trend of big-data in today’s digitial world here at Bronkhorst, we see that it has also affected the world of flow measurement. The amount and speed of data transmission continues to increase and digital flow meters are employed in an even wider range of applications, such as at Universities and R&D institutes.

Thermal mass flow meters are a well-known instrument in this field. They measure the mass flow of gases, employing a combination of heated elements and temperature sensors, with thermodynamic principles used to derive actual flow. Mass flow meters need limited correction for changes in temperature, pressure or density and are extremely accurate, especially when measuring low and very low flow rates, and are no longer regarded as high cost.

Artistic impression EL-FLOW Prestige
Artistic impression EL-FLOW Prestige thermal mass flow meter

Throughout the years, we’ve seen the technology improve, from a simple VA-meter to today’s ‘smart’ measuring device, like Bronkhorst’s EL-FLOW Prestige mass flow meter. Bronkhorst has used big-data to improve the technology within the mass flow meters and we still do, to keep the devices ‘intelligent’. The improved technology within the device makes it possible to select corresponding gas properties which are on-board, such as density and heat capacity, and to automatically adjust measurement values for environmental influences, for long-term sensor stability. Which, in turn, will directly relate to process yield.

There are many parameters, such as temperature and pressure, that have an influence on the accuracy, stability and reproducibility of a mass flow meter or controller. These are very important conditions within laboratory research.

Furthermore, to investigate the influence of as many gases as possible in a certain period of time, there is a need for short settling times as well as a quick change-over to a new gas with a very short downtime. Using a multi-gas/multi-range device can make a difference here, which offers the ability to use multiple gases at various process conditions with just one device.

Download white paper EL-FLOW Prestige mass flow controller

For those of you interested in how we used big-data to optimize our thermal mass flow meter, the EL-FLOW Prestige, we have written a white paper containing in-depth information about influential factors and the impact on the accuracy, stability, linearity and pressure correction.

Download white paper

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