Mini CORI-FLOW™ flow meter falls below all others

August 22, 2017 Chris King
ML120 coriolis mass flow meter

In our earlier blog ‘Why is the mini CORI-FLOW™ called mini?' we focused on the size of this coriolis flow meter. We stated that the mini CORI-FLOW mass flow meter is a low flow device, and we went on to get a real world feel for just how low a flow that instrument can measure and control. This time we’ll look at how the Bronkhorst low flow measurement and control capability compares to other Coriolis instruments on the market.

In Figure 1 we have alluded to several brands of Coriolis instruments. Between the list of brands and the ranges of flow you can see that there are natural groups based on flow. Several brands appear within more than one of these flow range groupings and would be a different model from that brand.

Figure 1: mini CORI-FLOW compared to other brands of coriolis flow meters

Natural groups based on flow

In all flow range groupings it is clear that the lowest flow instrument in any of them is a Bronkhorst mini CORI-FLOW mass flow meter. Keep a couple of things in mind as you look at the graph:

The list does not specify if these are Coriolis meters (measurement only) or controllers.

  • All the mini CORI-FLOW instruments listed are available as either a meter or controller.
  • The flow ranges displayed for the Bronkhorst instruments are flows that can be measured and controlled.
  • Again, from our earlier blog you may remember that the complete mini CORI-FLOW control loop (measurement, PID, valve) is about the size of a Galaxy 8 smartphone.

You may notice that the lowest measurable flow of other brands stops at 1 g/h.

  • The only instruments with flow ranges below 1 g/h are both Bronkhorst models of meters or controllers.

Coriolis technology is widely hailed as one of the best flow measurement options for its accuracy, fast response, and fluid independence. Whereas most other brands of Coriolis are focused on high flow ranges and developing toward even higher flow ranges, as a leader in low flow fluidics technology Bronkhorst has developed Coriolis technology that can be applied in applications today that it could not have been used for in the past. The same advantages that Coriolis is used for in high flow applications can be realized in low flow applications with the mini CORI-FLOW mass flow meter.

There are many choices of manufacturers if you decide you want to use Coriolis technology in your application. But if your application is “low flow” the Bronkhorst mini CORI-FLOW mass flow meter is beneath them all.

  • Learn more about mini CORI-FLOW mass flow meters and controllers for liquids or gases.
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