Ultrasonic flow meters for liquids - SONIC-VIEW series

SONIC-VIEW Ultrasonic flow meters for liquids

The compact and solid state ultrasonic flow meter for measuring water and aqueous solutions

The SONIC-VIEW series flow meters offer a compact, solid state solution for measuring flow in areas where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied. Its interference free operation, combined with a long-life cycle and the wide independence to the inlet and outlet pipes makes SONIC-VIEW the perfect solution even in compact machines with cramped confines.

  • Flow range 1,5 ... 30 l/min
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SONIC-VIEW operates on the transit time principle. Two ultrasonic transducers are positioned on the outer surface of the measuring pipe. The advantage of this method of metering is that the transducers will not be in contact with the medium and also the complete absence of moving parts.


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PN 16 bar
SVM-030  |  1,5 ... 30 l/min


  • Make liquid flows visible by pulse / frequency output, analog output (4...20 mA) or blinking LED
  • No moving parts (no mechanical wear)
  • Just one chemically resistant wetted part (stainless steel)
  • Alarm output, can be set by rotary switch
  • Ease of mounting and operation
  • Independent of pipe and installation position
  • Fast response
  • Air detection
  • Insensitive against pressure peaks and particles in the medium because of protected transducers
  • Ideal solution for interference free operation combined with a long-life cycle
  • Wide independence to the inlet and outlet pipes enable installation in compact machines with cramped confines


Markets and applications

  • chemical
  • oil and gas
  • water and wastewater
  • power
  • food and beverage
  • pharmaceutical
  • metals and mining
  • pulp and paper

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