COVID-19 Second Update


We closed our office on the 13th March and all of our Internal Sales team and our Regional Sales Management team have been working from home since then. Our Service team have continued to operate in alternating small groups, with a thorough cleaning between shifts. These changes have enabled us to keep everyone safe and ensure we can deliver “business as usual” even in these unusual times.

Looking Forward

Now that we are adjusting to the new reality of life under “Stay at Home”, we begin to think about the transition to whatever will be the next reality. 
One trend we do see, and wanted to share, is customers mitigating the impact from everyone coming back at once. If we all have urgent projects to finish, build, or ship and if instruments need servicing and calibrating, then demand will be extremely high. This could have an impact on the supply chain and possibly drive up delivery and turnaround times. 
Already customers are approaching us to service and calibrate instruments as a way to make use of this down-time. Forward thinking customers are also placing orders for new instruments now with longer requested delivery dates, sometimes several months out, to ensure materials and components will be available to cover their needs. 
Whatever your plans, we are here to support them. We are happy to discuss your needs and options.
Stay well!


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