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Flow meters & controllers for the pharmaceutical industry



Full scale range: 0.7 sccm (0.7 mln/min) - 6,000 scfm (11,000 m3n/h)
✓ Thermal mass flow meters/controllers
✓ Coriolis mass flow meters/controllers for (ultra) low flow
✓ Direct Through-Flow (inline/CTA) measurement principle

Gas Flow Meters / Controllers


Full scale range: 5 g/h - 600 kg/h or 5 cc/h - 300 l/h (higher on request)
✓ Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers, for (ultra) low flow rates
✓ Digital liquid flow meters and controllers; Through-flow prinicple
✓ Ultrasonic flow meter for small flow rates of liquid - Fluid independent

Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers

Calibration of air samplers

The Swiss based company SKAN AG, a global player in the field of cleanrooms and isolators for the pharmaceutical industry, uses Bronkhorst mass flow meters to calibrate the air flow of their microbial air samplers.

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Flow solutions for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing is a pioneering technology that has the potential to transform how medicines are made in the future.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Better control of microbiological process

What do yoghurt and beer have in common? Utilising metabolism of tiny micro-organisms is an essential part of processes such as brewing and fermentation.

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Bronkhorst, your partner in flow for pharmaceutical applications

In the Pharma Industry - including Biotechnology - there are many applications in which gases or liquids must be measured or controlled. Bronkhorst has a wide range of products to cope with the requirements from this market.

Check out our application stories from some very intersting projects:

Bronkhorst Schweiz AG - Subsidiary with service and calibration facilities

Bronkhorst (Schweiz) AG is the Swiss branch of Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. located in the Netherlands and offers local sales and after-sales support, calibration and service facilities, application engineering and user training courses.

We can offer you:

Product expertise includes gas and liquid mass flow measurement and control, pressure measurement and control, vapour production and control and primary calibration systems.


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Companies located in Switzerland can contact us directly for further questions.

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