Flow meter & Pump combinations

Why do you need a mass/volume flow meter if you have a dosing or metering pump?

Traditionally, dosing- or metering pumps are believed to be accurate because the theory is that a known pump head displacement will move a known volume over a known time giving a known delivered volume. In practice however, it appears to be difficult to achieve a high level of accuracy. Deviations of 10-15% are normal. Why?

Inaccuracies like this are caused by many changing process conditions, such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure shifting
  • Air entrapment
  • Wear of components 

These factors can each be the cause of an inaccuracy in the expected volume of displacement from a pump head movement. If you then multiple each of those factors you can realise quite large measuring errors that create both inaccuracy and inconsistency.
Skid solution with mass flow controller

The advantage of using a flow meter with built in PID control

Just by adding a flow meter you will not get the best solutions as you still need a separate PID controller that compares the real flow signal to the desired flow. 
By adding our Bronkhorst Coriolis- or Ultrasonic flow meter with integrated PID controller, you do not need to include the pump in the control system, you just give a set point demand to the flow meter and it will drive the pump to the desired flow. 

Your benefits

  • Direct flow control of the flow
  • Mass flow dosing (with Coriolis flow meter) is independent of temperature and pressure, in contrast to the volumetric dosing (with Ultrasonic flow meter) when only a pump is used
  • Accurate delivery mitigating normal pump issues
  • Alarm functionality of low flow
  • Preventative maintenance based on pump performance over time
  • Consistent flow measurement based on actual not assumed numbers

Bronkhorst dosing solutions with pump

Liquid mass flow meter with pump

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with pump

The combination of a Coriolis mass flow meter with pump can be used for various dosing applications such as dosing liquid colourants (dye) to detergent, laundry care products and cleaning products. 

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Dosing solution with ultrasonic volume flow meter and pump

Ultrasonic volume flow meter with pump

To give a piece of candy its own taste, texture and appearance, additives such as colourings, flavourings and acids have to be added to the production process. Ultrasonic volume flow meters in combination with a pump can realise an accurate control of additives. 
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Skid solution with Coriolis mass flow meter

Skid solution with Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with gear pump and pressure sensor

For accurate control of liquid flows in a continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing application Bronkhorst designed and supplied a complete skid solution that combined a Coriolis mass flow meter with a gear pump, pressure sensor and a number of liquid filters and valves.

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Liquid dosing module

Liquid Dosing Module

Besides these combinations, Bronkhorst can also facilitate customers in more complex solutions, integrating mass flow measurement and control equipment into boxes, modules or cabinets, designed in collaboration with our customers.
A liquid dosing module like this can be used for ratio control, dosing, filling, mixing and blending. 

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