IQ+FLOW IQPD-700C EPC (P1-control)

Microfluidic Back Pressure Controller, Downported

  • Small footprint ensures space efficiency
  • Very small internal volume
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Analog or digital communication
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IQ+FLOWIQPD-700C EPC (P1-control)

Microfluidic Back Pressure Controllers

Bronkhorst® model IQPD-700C Back Pressure Controllers are miniature devices which are ideal for use in cramped environments or in systems requiring minimum internal volume e.g. analytical equipment. The downported Pressure Controller has a chip-based (MEMS) sensor and is suited for pressure ranges between 0,01…0,5 bar and 0,2…10 bar absolute or gauge. Communication with the devices can be either in analog mode or digital over RS232 or RS485.

The ultra compact IQ+FLOW instruments are typically recommended for integration in analytical and medical equipment.

Technical specifications

Measurement / Control system

Accuracy (incl. linearity)

< ±0,5% FS
(Based on calibration at ambient temperature.)
Turndown 1 : 5 (with flow range 1 : 50)
Fluids Dry, clean, non-flammable and non-corrosive gases. Absolute pressure sensors not suitable for He.
Repeatability < ±0,2% FS
Max. Kv-value 2,37 x 10-3
Operating temperature 5…50°C
Temperature sensitivity span: 0,1% RD/°C; zero: 0,05% FS/°C
Leak integrity, outboard 1 x 10-6 mbar∙l/s He
Attitude sensitivity negligible
Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts) aluminium, Si, SiOx, epoxy;
option: stainless steel body
Operating pressure 0...10 bar g
Process connections downported construction
Seals standard: Viton®; other on request
Weight 0,2 kg
Ingress protection (housing) IP40
Electrical properties
Readout sample time 2 msec
Power supply +15…24 Vdc
Max. power consumption 100 mA
Analog output 0...5 (10) Vdc or 0 (4)…20 mA (sourcing output)
Digital communication RS232, RS485 (Modbus-RTU/ASCII or FLOW-BUS)
Electrical connection
Power/Analog/RS232/RS485 RJ45 modular jack

Technical specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.
For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


IQ-FLOW Brochure

Manual IQ-FLOW
Quick installation guide

Hook-up diagrams
Analog I-O RS232
RS232-RS485 Analog I-O

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing IQFD-IQPD 1-channel topmount

Solids 3D

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