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Dosing of chemicals for blood glucose monitoring

Trividia Health Inc., based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has become a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced performance products for people with diabetes, including a broad portfolio of blood glucose monitoring devices like the TRUE brand. In order to improve one of their manufacturing processes, they requested the help of Bronkhorst USA. Using our flow meters made it possible to enable a more efficient continuous dispensing of chemicals and resulted in reduction of maintenance activities. Overal it increased the productivity significantly.

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Blood glucose monitoring devices

Millions of people worldwide suffer from diabetes, a metabolic disease in which glucose from the blood is not (sufficiently) absorbed into the body's cells. The culprit is the hormone insulin. Diabetes patients may have to inject insulin to keep their insulin levels up. In order to know how much insulin to inject, they have to measure the blood glucose level several times a day. This can be done by one of Trividia's blood glucose monitoring devices. 


Flow control for production of blood glucose monitoring device

Application requirements

To improve productivity, part of the manufacturing process needs to be modified to allow continuous dosing of chemicals using flow meters. Additionally, in order to keep all steps of the process inhouse, training on calibration of these flow devices is necessary.

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Important topics for dosing solution

  • Continuous dosing of very small flow rates in a high-speed process (large machine)
  • Very high accuracy and repeatability
  • Training and equipment for in-house calibration

Process solution for dosing liquid chemicals

Using their previous technology, in the past Trividia was only able to apply intermittent dosage of a liquid chemical compound in the manufacturing process of one of their products. Thanks to Bronkhorst flow instruments’ particular capabilities to measure and control very small flow rates with very high accuracy, the company was able to transition to a more efficient continuous dispensing of the chemical compound. In this specific case, a combination of a Bronkhorst mini-CORI FLOW mass flow controller and a Tuthill pump was used for the chemical dosage. This dosing solution enabled the customer to reduce their maintenance activities within the manufacturing processes.

Implementation of the Bronkhorst mass flow controllers allowed a significant increase in productivity with equal or higher quality. According to Trividia Health Inc.:

“This is where Bronkhorst makes the difference when compared to other instrumentation manufacturers.”

Flow solution; Dosing chemicals for blood monitoring device
Flow scheme

The Bronkhorst USA team helped to overcome vibration issues in the customer’s process by adding some extra mass blocks and flexible hosing to the Bronkhorst flow controller.

To integrate the Bronkhorst flow technology into the standard procedures of the customer’s manufacturing process, training was provided on how to calibrate the flow instruments. To this end, the customer invested in a local calibration setup with a master (reference) meter. Bronkhorst USA gave a full-day of onsite training for Trividia Health Inc. employees on how to calibrate.

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Manufacturing of glucose monitoring devices

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