Medical Anaestetic

Medical, Health and Personal Care

The Medical market - including Health and Personal Care - is a very demanding market when it comes to the specification of instrumentation. Bronkhorst's research and development activities are mainly geared to the demands of the market and many new products result from close co-operation with our customers.

Examples of applications

  • Artificial kidney production (hollow fibres).
  • Monitoring anesthetic gas consumption.
  • Coating of stents
  • Synthetic bone production


Quality control for respiratory products

A spirometer will measure the volume of air movement into and out of the lungs where Ergospirometry is a diagnostic procedure to measure respiration and gas metabolism during an ergometer exercise.

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Medical Gas Consumption and Counting

Our MASS-STREAM mass flow meters and controllers are available for flow ranges from 10 ... 200 mln/min up to 500 ... 5000 ln/min Air equivalent. The majority of instruments for gas consumption measurement are sold with our optional multi-functional display.

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Controlled Humidification

A leading UK company specializing in synthetic bone repair materials for orthopeadic and dental applications use Bronkhorst products to perfect their production process. A leader in the research and development of bone graft technologies.

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Other markets

Bronkhorst instruments are used for numerous applications in many different markets. They can be found in laboratories, universities, industry, production and pilot plants and even in areas or installations with risk of explosion. A substantial part of the produced instruments is integrated in manufacturing machines or equipment of so called OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

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