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Bronkhorst offers digital MASS-STREAM D-6300 mass flow meters and integrated flow controllers for gases with flow rates from 0,2 up to 5000 ln/min Air equivalent.

The CTA (Constant Temperature Anemometry) inline measurement principle incorporates effectively an open pipe allowing mass flow measurement and control also with pressure ratings below 1 bar(a).

flowmeter voor subatmosferisch

Application requirements

  • P1 > approximately 300 mbar (a)
  • Integrated valve control with optional valve function 'fails in place' in case of a power failure
  • Gas flow suction through the instrument can be generated with a pump
  • Process evaluation with a trial unit before final order placement

Industrial sectors

  • Process
  • Low pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Testing
  • Research

Optional features

  • Multi-functional displays
  • Additional interface
  • Up to 8 calibration curves in one instrument
  • Degreased instruments for oxygen applications

Flow schema
Flow scheme

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