Mass Flow Regulator for gases with pressure compensation and integrated display

  • Direct thermal mass flow measurement
  • High accuracy
  • 10 pre-installed gases
  • Bright, graphical OLED display
  • Digital or analog output; alarm and counter functions
  • High precision needle valve with pressure compensation
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Gas Mass Flow Regulators with pressure compensation and integrated display

MASS-VIEW® model MV-402 Mass Flow Regulators (MFRs) are suited for precise measurement and control of flow ranges between 20…200 mln/min and 20…2000 mln/min at operating pressures up to 10 bar(g). The MFR has an integrated graphical OLED display, clearly visible at wide angles, which allows reading of actual flow (value and a bar graph), total flow and type of gas. A high quality needle valve with integrated pressure compensation offers smooth and fine adjustment of the gas flow, even at varying upstream pressures.

The display features easy set up via a user-friendly menu, using a 4-way navigation push button. The pre-installed gases eliminate the need to recalibrate for different gases and therefore reduce the cost of ownership. Additional features & functions include a variety of alarm and counter functions, an analog output signal, digital interfaces and two relay contacts.

The MASS-VIEW® series provides modern, novel and economical alternative to variable area meters (VA meters), also known as purge meters. Unlike conventional VA meters these new flow meters measure mass flow instead of volume flow.

Technische specificaties

Meet- / regelsysteem
Flowbereik (tussenliggende bereiken beschikbaar)min. 20…200 mln/min
max. 20…2000 mln/min
(based on N2)
Nauwkeurigheid (incl. lineariteit) (gebaseerd op actuele kalibratie)± 2% Rd for flow > 50% of max. capacity;
± (1% Rd + 0,5% FS) on lower flows
Herhaalbaarheid< 0,2 % FS typical
Turndown ratioup to 1 : 100
Bedrijfsdruk0 … 10 bar(g) / 0 … 150 psi(g)
Druk coëfficiënt± 0,2% Rd/bar typical at Air
MediaNon-hazardous gases; Helium excepted
Voorgeïnstalleerde gassenAir, Ar, N2, O2, CO2, CH4, C3H8, N2O, CO and C4H10
Standaard kalibratie gasAir, other gases are converted using our Fluidat® conversion model which will introduce extra inaccuracy
Responstijd (sensor)2 sec.
Bedrijfstemperatuur0 … 50 °C (32 … 122°F)
TemperatuurcoefficientZero: <0,1% FS/°C, Span: <0,2% Rd/°C
Lekdichtheid, naar buitengetest < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
Standgevoeligheid< 0,1 % FS
Mechanische delen
Materiaal (onderdelen die in contact komen met het medium)Meter: Aluminium;
Needle valve: SS316, Brass
Testdruk21 bar(a) / 300 psi(a)
Min. ΔP1 bar(d)
Max. ΔP7 bar (d)
ProcesaansluitingenG 1/4” BSPP female thread
(compression fittings optional)
AfdichtingenViton®, PTFE, Fluorosint®, Buna N;
Controller membrane: fiber-reinforced nitrile
Gewicht1,4 kg
Beschermingsgraad (behuizing)IP40
Regelnauwkeurigheid< 0,5-1% Rd/bar
Elektrische eigenschappen
Stroomvoorziening+15 … 24 Vdc (+/- 10%)
Max. stroomverbruikapprox. 135 mA
Analoog signaal0 … 5 Vdc
Digitale communicatieRS232 / RS485 (Modbus RTU/ASCII)
Min. en max. relais contactenswitching current 0,5 A, 24 Vdc,
one side grounded (0 Vdc power)
Elektrische aansluiting8-pin RJ-45 modular jack
Elektrische aansluiting
Control valve options
Externe actuatoropties die op de controller moeten worden aangesloten
Ex-proof specificaties
Goedkeuringen / certificaten

Technische specificaties kunnen zonder kennisgeving worden gewijzigd.

Voor technische maattekeningen en aansluitschema's bezoekt u de productpagina op onze website


MASS-VIEW Brochure

Quick installation guide

Hook-up diagrams
Hook-up diagrams
Modbus-RTU ASCII, RS-232 interface

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing MV-4XX

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