Liquid flow controllers for low flow rates

Bronkhorst has been the pioneer in the field of micro to low flow liquid metering instruments based on a thermal mass flow measuring principle. A wealth of experience has been gathered which has resulted in three product series that cover Full Scale flow ranges from 75 mg/h up to 20 kg/h. With the introduction of the CORI-FLOW series Bronkhorst expanded their liquid flow measurement and control capacities to 600 kg/h, using a Coriolis type mass flow sensor with unsurpassed performance. With ranges down to 0,05...5 g/h for the mini CORI-FLOW series, Bronkhorst has become a true (ultra) low flow specialist.

In addition to the above mentioned thermal and Coriolis mass flow instruments, Bronkhorst offers a variety of low-flow liquid flow meters & controllers based on volumetric principles. The Bronkhorst ES-FLOW liquid flow meter for 4...1500 ml/min operates on an innovative ultrasonic measuring principle. This liquid flow meter can be combined with a control valve or pump to constitute a compact liquid dosing device.

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