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We offer gas and liquid flow meters and controllers for low flow rates that can be used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Our sanitary liquid flow meters are used for dosing additives (flavours, colourants or vitamins) and sterilisation of packaging (H2O2 dosing). Besides, we offer gas flow meters for aeration of food products, sterilisation of packaging or for your use in bioreactors. 

Our offer to you:
​✓ Low flow measurement and control
✓ Highest accuracy, excellent repeatability
✓ Low surface roughness
✓ Full metal versions available
✓ Easy to clean (food grade) liquid flow meters (CIP/SIP)
✓ 3A compliance
✓ Traceable materials

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Vapour and liquid flow control for aseptic packages

Using vapour generation and liquid flow control in sterilisation process for aseptic packages in the food industry. Read our customer story!

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Measurement of additive supply in candy manufacturing

To give a piece of candy its own taste and texture, additives such as colourings and flavourings have to be added. Haas Mondomix is a machine builder who supplies equipment to this industry.

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Flow meters for Ossett Brewery

Controlled oxygen supply in beer brewing

The British beer brewery, Ossett Brewery, uses Bronkhorst flow meters to supply oxygen into their beer brewing process in a controlled way.  

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Flavouring dosing

The use of expensive and often volatile additives is critical for many industries, especially food and beverage where the precise dosing of flavourings is key to product quality and the reduction of waste.​

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Calibration of oxygen sensor for monitoring beer quality

In the beer brewing process, air is supplied to the fermentation step. To ensure the shelf life and the taste of the beer, the oxygen content has to be monitored continuously and accurately during the process.

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Carbonated soft drink by aeration


Bronkhorst offers mass flow meters and controllers up to 10000 ln/min Air equivalent. In aeration applications up to 50% of the MASS-STREAM instruments are sold with multi-functional display which offers a wide range of additional options.

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Supercritical CO2 oil extraction

Supercritical CO2 for fragrant & oil extraction

SFE Process (FR) uses Coriolis mass flow meters in their equipment for extraction of oil & fragrances by means of supercritical CO2 for end users in the food, perfumery and pharmaceutical industry.  

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Ice cream aeration

Ice cream is made by freezing and simultaneously blending air into a liquid mixture which contains fat, sugar, milk solids, an emulsifying agent, flavouring and sometimes colouring agents. For ice cream production the aeration process is crucial.

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Gas dosing in bioreactors

Gas flow controllers play an important role in Bioreactor applications, in benchtop bioreactors, but also in industrial systems. Read our customer note about IQ+FLOW flow controllers in a Bioreactor application for bacterial growth.

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Liquid flow meters for vaccine production

Liquid flow meters for mRNA vaccine production

Our Liquid Flow Meters are used in Knauer's impingement jets mixing skids to measure mRNA vaccine ingredients accurately & reproducibly. Read the application story!

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Precise dosing of pharmaceutical agents

Flow meters for precise dosing pharmaceuticals

Read our application story about how Coriolis Mass Flow Meters are combined with a WADose High Pressure Pump for precise dosing of pharmaceutical agents.

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Flow measurement in microfluidics

Learn more about how Coriolis-based flow meters can be used as microfluidic flow meter instead of thermal flow meters. Read the customer story of a microfluidics system builder who used Bronkhorst products.

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Algae farm

Controlled CO2 supply for algae growth

Bronkhorst flow controllers are used for CO2 measurement and control for algue during cultivation at the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences.

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Calibration of air samplers

The Swiss based company SKAN AG, a global player in the field of cleanrooms and isolators for the pharmaceutical industry, uses Bronkhorst mass flow meters to calibrate the air flow of their microbial air samplers.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Flow solutions for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing is a pioneering technology that has the potential to transform how medicines are made in the future.

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Flow control for optimising growth of microorganisms

Flow control is used for microorganism's research at a German research institute. Direct pump control guarantees an accurate & steady flow of aqueous liquid. 

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