ES-113C - Liquid Flow Meter/Controller
NEW Liquid Flow Meter/Controller

The new ES-FLOW™ Ultrasonic Flow Meter/Controller Series ES-113C was designed for the OEM market to measure or dose low volume flows with high precision, high linearity and low pressure drop. For liquid flows from 2 up to 1500 ml/min.

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Flow meters for hydrogen applications
Hydrogen Flow Meters & Controllers

Check out our low-flow (mass) flow meters for the hydrogen market; for processes such as humidification of fuel cells, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and odorization of hydrogen.

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Ultrasonic flow meter with dosing pump
Liquid flow meter For dosing applications

Bronkhorst offers Flow Meter/Pump combinations for highly accurate dosing applications for flow ranges from 0,05 g/h up to 600 kg/h.

Top 10 FAQ about liquid dosing

Leader in low flow fluidics handling technology

We offer an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids. Our flow instruments are used for a variety of applications in laboratory, machinery, industrial and hazardous areas. By sharing our knowledge and closely cooperating with OEM customers in the field we develop customer specific low flow solutions, e.g. of multifunctional, pretested modules or skids for gas, liquid of vapour flow control.

Liquid supply using a pressure vessel flow controller

Liquid supply using a pressure vessel

In this blog we share tips on how to provide a stable inlet pressure to the liquid system using a pressure vessel or a pump.

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Flow meters and controller in bioprocessing, bioreactoren

Bioprocessing & Bioreactors

Reliability and Reproducibility in Mass Flow Control

Bronkhorst offers solutions for bioprocessing and bioreactors with mass flow meters. The instruments provide reliability, extreme flexibility and accurate measurements for fermenter markets.

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Assembling an IQ+FLOW

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