Liquid Flow Measurement and Control

For micro to low liquid flow rates

Bronkhorst specialises in liquid flow measurement and control instruments, including flow meters, flow controllers and dosing solutions.

  • Thermal mass flow instruments from 5 mg/h - 1 kg/h
  • Coriolis mass flow instruments 50 mg/h - 600 kg/h
  • Volumetric flow instruments based on ultrasonic wave technology from 2 ml/min - 1500 ml/min
  • Instruments based on vortex, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic working principles up to 250 l/min

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Benefits of instruments in our liquid flow portfolio

  • Independent of the fluid properties and therefore able to handle unknown fluids.
  • High dosing accuracy; to support you reduce waste of ingredients.
  • Flow computer on-board for compact control loop with fast response time.
  • Low cost; no maintenance necessary as the liquid flow instrument has no moving parts.
  • Measurement of multi parameters: flow, temperature, density and sound of speed.

E-book: How to handle low liquid flows

Focusing on low liquid flows < 100 g/h

Download the e-book 'How to handle low liquid flows' to find out more about 'low flows'. Including in-depth information, technical advice and insider tips from our experts.

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