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Support can be offered from many different locations around the globe. Find your nearest service location:

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For urgent matters, our International Support Team is available 24/7 to answer your request immediately or ensure appropriate further action.

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24/7 Helpdesk

We are standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with experts all around the world. Our priority is to help you and we can directly put you in touch with a Bronkhorst expert at a distributor’s location near you.

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(Preventive) Maintenance contract

Periodical maintenance keeps the instrumentation in an excellent condition and so maintaining up-time. A (preventive) maintenance contract, describing the periodical maintenance and service actions will relieve the customer from particular aspects of their service requirements.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A service level agreement (SLA) can be arranged in order to register specific service requirements. In this commitment particular aspects of the service are agreed upon, such as : quality, scope, availability, pricing, turnaround times, responsibilities and contacts between Bronkhorst and customer.

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Calibration Services

All flow meters and controllers assembled at Bronkhorst are calibrated according to the ISO 9001 standards before shipment, this is included in the price. We can also provide additional calibration services; such as as-found and as-left calibration and calibration for third party flow instruments. All our service offices worldwide offer ISO 9001 calibrations and systems for on-site calibration. Moreover, we can also provide ISO 17025 calibrations. 

ISO 17025 Calibration Services

The Bronkhorst Calibration Center (BCC) is ISO 17025 accredited by the Accreditation Council, scope K127. Accreditation demonstrate a perimeter of competencies, independence and impartiality in all calibration domains. Our laboratory complies with ISO/IEC17025 standards guaranteeing the traceability of calibrations and tests. As well as being accredited, Bronkhorst calibration centre works hand in hand with metrological accreditation bodies and supports professional organizations.

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On-site Calibration Services

Besides providing calibration services in strategically placed facilities around the world, Bronkhorst also offers on-site calibration. On-site calibration will ensure a lower downtime saving process time. It also means that in many cases the instruments don’t require to be completely removed from the system saving valuable time.

When on-site, our experts will also be able to perform general health checks on the instruments, providing peace of mind that the instruments are functioning properly and will continue to do so. Our field service engineers will also be able to provide advice and help, answer any questions you may have regarding Bronkhorst instrumentation and/or low flow technology.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more, or to discuss your calibration requirements with one of our experts.

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Remote Support

With our remote support services we are able to identify, diagnose and resolve your problems before they can have a negative impact on your process. By using TeamViewer software we can offer you fast, proactive, predictive and reactive support to maintain a high uptime. Even when an on-site visit is needed for e.g. a repair, we can provide a technical diagnosis and identify defective parts remotely so that we can act quickly with minimal interference in your process.


All instruments assembled at Bronkhorst are calibrated according to the ISO 9001 standards and ready to use in your process. However, would you like to make adjustments and is support needed? We can offer you our commissioning service. We can support you with: instructions how to use the Bronkhorst instruments, operation of the Bronkhorst software (FlowSuite, FlowDDE, Flowplot, FlowView, etc.), advice on maintenance and on-site calibration.

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Field Service

To maintain your uptime and peak efficiency, we offer preventive and on-site maintenance services, tailored to your specific needs. With our flexibility we can provide on-site analyses and customised solutions to solve your problems directly on location and make sure that your process will not be endangered due to failure. 

Maintenance & Repair

We have dedicated service offices across the world qualified to fulfil your maintenance & repair request and certified according to our quality standard. By providing a fast and efficient service, we can help you minimize your downtime. You can select your nearest service office and register your repair request. 

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Modernisation Service

Do you need a futureproof solution for your outdated system? We can help you in a fast and efficient way by upgrading your system from analogue to completely digital with BUS communication modules. With this service you avoid downtime that can occur and we make sure your system has the highest performance, efficiency and reliability.


Bronkhorst offers a variety of training courses to inform you on all the ins and outs regarding our products and how to use them. The training is designed for customers, users, equipment designers, operators and technicians to learn them all they need to know about service, quality and calibration to extend operational limits in more demanding applications. 

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