Pressure Meters & Pressure Controllers for GAS and LIQUID

Pressures: from vacuum up to 400 bar

Bronkhorst digital electronic pressure meters and pressure controllers for gases and liquids have a compact thru-flow design. The instruments include a diaphragm type piezo-resistive pressure sensor for accurate and reliable absolute, relative (gauge) or differential pressure measurement. Besides the all-round EL-PRESS series, a rugged IP65 version, a microfluidic instrument and a metal sealed version is available.

Benefits for your process

  • High stability and repeatability
  • Up to 400 bar ΔP
  • Small footprint
  • Lower cost of ownership

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Control valves for pressure meters & pressure controllers

For the pressure meters and pressure controllers we can offer various integrated or separate control valves for specific applications. There is a standard direct acting valve for common applications, a pilot operated valve for high flow rates, the so-called Vary-P valve that can cope with up to 400 bar ΔP and a bellows valve for applications with very low differential pressure.

Pressure Meters & Pressure Controllers used in customer applications

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