Version 3.35
Date 15-02-2018
Filename FlowPlot
Size 29.67 MB
Type application/octet-stream

FlowPlot is a software application for monitoring and service purposes on Bronkhorst digital instruments. It gives good insight in the dynamic behaviour of meters and controllers and allows adjustment of controller, alarm and counter settings. While plotting, the software tool can store the measured data in a comma separated file (CSV), thus serving as a data logger. FlowPlot is a DDE client and relies on FlowDDE for communication to the instrument.

Main features are:

  • FLOW-BUS signal monitoring program
  • Plots up to 8 parameter values versus time
  • Parameters selectable from one or more channels
  • Setpoint for 1 channel (5 programmable manual step values)
  • Scaleable X-axis in time and Y-axis in percent from nominal calibrated value
  • Changeable colors for background, grid and plotlines
  • Graph can be printed to PDF-file or printer (always fixed colors with white background)
  • Scaleable window
  • Controller settings adjustable on special screen
  • Restore original factory settings Suitable for controller response check
  • Communication to FLOW-BUS via RS232
  • Automated controller end-test using setpoint script files (can be loaded and saved)
  • Trigger facilities for fast step responses


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Software Overview and Quick Start Guide

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Software Overview and Quick Start Guide

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