PiPS Series

  • 電源供應:100...240伏交流電(50...60赫茲)
  • 可互換插頭(歐洲、英國、美國、澳大利亞、IEC)用於主電源連接
  • 9-pin D型母頭、8 DIN型母頭、M12 8p型母頭或RJ45連接器用於儀器連接
  • 僅適用於數字模式的儀器
  • 最大功耗:+ 24 Vdc,625 mA
  • 電纜長度:2米
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PiPS Series
PiPS Series

Plug-in Power Supply (PiPS)

Bronkhorst can supply an optional Plug-in Power Supply (PiPS) for powering your Mass Flow or Pressure Meter / Controller. The combination of a PiPS with a BRIGHT Local Readout/Control Module forms a straightforward and economical solution for the operation of a stand-alone instrument.

Technical specifications

Mains voltage 100...240 Vac (50...60 Hz)
Interchangeable plugs for mains connection Euro, UK, USA, Australian, IEC
Max. power consumption + 24 Vdc, 625 mA
Cable length 2 m
Certification CE / UL / KC
PiPS-EL-DSUB 9-pin D female instrument connection
PiPS-SV-DSUB 9-pin D female, for FLEXI-FLOW with shut-off valve
PiPS-IN-8DIN 8 DIN female instrument connection
PiPS-IN-M12 M12 8p A-coded female instrument connection
PiPS-MV-RJ45 RJ45 instrument connection
Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


PiPS Quick Start Guide


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