Series F-001, F-011, F-021


  • 流量高達約 50 ln/min
  • 壓力高達 64/100/200 bar
  • 最大Kv: 6.6 x 10-2
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Series F-001, F-011, F-021

Low Flow Control Valves for Gases

Control valves F-001 / F-011 are suitable for low flow rates (up to approx. 50 ln/min N2-equivalent) with pressure ratings up to 64 resp. 100 bar. The F-001 valve module is also used as pilot valve in bigger valves and controllers. F-021 is a direct acting control valve for high pressure applications, up to 200 bar.

Technical specifications

Measurement / control system
Operating temperatureF-001AV / F-011AV / F-021AV: -10...+70°C
F-001AI / F-011AI / F-021AI: -10...+70°C
F-001AX / F-011AX: -10...+65°C
Max. Kv-valueF-001 series: 6,6 x 10-2
F-011 series: 6,6 x 10-2
F-021 series: 1,56 x 10-3
Leak integrity, outboardtested < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts) stainless steel 316L/320;
other on request
Pressure rating (PN)F-001 series: 64 bar(a)
F-011 series: 100 bar(a)
F-021 series: 200 bar(a)
Max. ΔPcontact distributor (depends on Kv-value)
Process connectionscompression type or face seal (VCR/VCO) couplings
Seals< 100 bar: standard: FKM/Viton®;
options: EPDM, FFKM/Kalrez®, FDA and USP Class VI approved compounds
> 100 bar: Viton
Protection classF-001AV / F-011AV / F-021AV: IP40
F-001AI / F-011AI / F-021AI: IP65
F-001AX-XBB / F-011AX-XBB: II 1 G/D Ex ia IIC T6
F-001AX-XCB / F-011AX-XCB: II 2 G/D Ex e mb T4
Plunger< 100 bar: standard: FKM/Viton®;
options: EPDM, FFKM/Kalrez®, FDA and USP Class VI approved compounds
> 100 bar: Viton
Electrical properties
Supply voltageIP40 / IP65 style: 15 Vdc or 24 Vdc;
Ex-proof coil XBB: max. 28 Vdc/110 mA;
Ex-proof coil XCB: max. 24 Vdc
Valve control signal0... 185 mA
Coil resistanceIP40 / IP65 style: 62 Ohm;
Ex-proof coil XBB: 295 Ohm;
Ex-proof coil XCB: 65 Ohm
(at 20°C)
De-energized positionStandard: Normally closed;
Option: Normally opened
Electrical connectionIP40 coil: shielded cable;
IP65 coil: DIN 43650 connection;
Ex-proof coils: cable gland M20x1,5
Electrical connection
Control valve options
External actuator options to be connected to the controller
Certification for hazardous areas
Approvals / certificates

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


Dimensional drawings
Dimensional Drawing F-001AV-F-011AV nc
Dimensional Drawing F-001AI-F-011AI nc
Dimensional Drawing F-001AX-F-011AX-XB nc
Dimensional Drawing F-001AX-F-011AX-XC nc
Dimensional Drawing F-021AV nc
Dimensional Drawing F-021AI nc
Hook-up diagrams


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