Version 2.05
Date 30-03-2016
Filename FlowFix Software
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FlowFix is a configuration application for the fieldbus connection and active fluid, it communicates with the Instrument using RS232. It gives an overview of the available fluids (calibration curves) and allows the user to activate the desired fluid, fieldbus address and baudrate. It is suitable for digital Bronkhorst mass flow/pressure meters/controllers equiped with a digital 'Multibus' PCBoard, like EL-FLOW, IN-FLOW, EL-PRESS and CORI-FLOW series.

RS232 communication is available for all Digital Bronkhorst Mass flow/pressure meter/controllers for gases or liquids equiped with a digital MBC PC-Board,like;
EL-FLOW, EL-PRESS, Low delta-P, IN-FLOW(Industrial) and the CORI-FLOW series.

Main purpose of this program:

  • Set a bus address (for several bus interfaces)*
  • Set communication speed (baudrate)**

Bus address*

For Flow-BUS interfaces there is no need to set the node address using Flowfix. Instruments with a Bronkhorst flow-BUS interface do have an "Auto Install" feature, see the operation manual for "Auto Install" instructions.

Communication speed**

For Profibus-DP interfaces the Baudrate will be automatically adapted from the DP-master.

Additional features:

  • Get an overview of the available Fluids (calibration curves)
  • Set the actual Fluid number
  • Read the Serial Number
  • Read the Firmware Version
  • Read the Fieldbus Type
Beside of using this program to set the Bus Address and the Baudrate of a digital device, most of the devices can also be configured using the micro-switch on the instrument.


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FlowFix Software

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FlowFix Software

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