Bronkhorst engineers often participate at international conferences, business meetings and seminars related to our field of expertise, because these events provide a great opportunity to network. Additionally such events offer opportunities for our company to present innovative technological developments that we are working on or have recently launched.

Besides the above, Bronkhorst themselves also organises sessions for their customers, not primarily for sales but with far greater emphasis on technical features and the practical “hands-on” demonstration of the resulting benefits with fully working instruments.

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Presentation of innovations

Presentation of innovations

On regular basis our R&D and product specialists participate at International seminars, meetings and conferences e.g. the European Flow Measurement Workshop, Sensor+Test and Micro Fluidic Handling Solutions (MfhS), presenting new developments in the field of flow measurement and affiliated technologies.

Product Seminars

Product Seminars are part of the knowledge transfer opportunities run by Bronkhorst branch offices and distributors, supported by product specialists from our headquarters. Formal and informal training, Technology Days, Seminars and Lunch-and-Learn Sessions can be held at a customers premises, Bronkhorst offices or independent venues as required.

Product Seminars

Our expertise

Customer satisfaction, innovation and quality of product and service have been the cornerstones of Bronkhorst's success. Based on our experience, innovation and sense of responsibility, a relationship with Bronkhorst assures Performance for Life.


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