Renewable energy

(Renewable) Energy

We understand that flow control and dosing solutions play a key role in your processes for solar cell production. Also, hydrogen production and fuel testing rely on accurate flow controllers. Let us help you! Bronkhorst is well known within the Energy Research and Production Market as a supplier of mass flow & pressure measurement and control solutions.

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Examples of applications

  • gas mixing for yield and pollution research
  • humidification of fuel cell gases
  • (photovoltaic) solar cell production
  • odorisation of natural gas


Leak testing of fuel cell stacks

High quality fuel cell stacks are important parts in the process of car manufacturing. Read our customer story using flow/pressure combinations used for the quality control of these fuel cell stacks.  

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Leak testing of fuel cell stack for cars
Hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers


Customer story about hydrogen storage in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers, LOHC. The hydrogen is stored inside the liquid hydrogen carrier via a catalytic reaction. 

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Power to gas

Customer story about a natural power-to-gas application for storing green electricity by using hydrogen and CO2 as 'food' for bacteria. The excreted methane can be fed into the natural gas network already present.

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Natural power to gas application
Hydrogen storage in metal hydride

Hydrogen storage in metal hydride

Application story by the DLR in Stuttgart about alternative ways to store hydrogen for use in fuel cells or vehicles using gas flow meters and pressure controllers. 

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Humidification of fuel cells

Application story of Bronkhorst evaporation system used in a test bench in the German automotive industry for generating a controlled water vapour flow for humidification of fuel cells.

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Fuel cell for automotive industry
Solar panels

Passivation layers for solar cells

Flow instruments can be used for applying thin aluminium oxide passivation layers on solar cells for efficency improvement.

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Flow control in PV solar cell production

In the manufacturing process for photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, supply of gaseous or liquid chemical compounds plays an important role.

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Solar panels

Reducing earthquakes when exploiting geothermal energy

Geothermal energy seems to be a good replacement for a part of the currently used nuclear energy in Switzerland.

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Electrolyser membrane testing

To retrieve fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal, you have to drill for them to get them out of the earth’s crust. In contrast to that, the energy carrier hydrogen does not occur in nature freely.

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Flow control in formic acid production

The replacement of fossil fuel is a hot topic these days. Team FAST, a student team of the TU/e is working on an initiative, introducing a revolutionary sustainable fuel called Hydrozine.

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Fuel testing

Testing and adjusting motorized outdoor power equipment is a becoming more and more important due to strong environment regulations.

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Other markets

Bronkhorst instruments are used for numerous applications in many different markets. They can be found in laboratories, universities, industry, production and pilot plants and even in areas or installations with risk of explosion. A substantial part of the produced instruments is integrated in manufacturing machines or equipment of so called OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers).


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