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In the process using bioreactors and fermenters dedicated gas flow control is needed. This means that to let biological content grow in a reactor, multiple gas flow streams have to be controlled accurately. Biological growth and synthesis are delicate processes that depend on the ultimate reliable behaviour of our mass flow instruments and the compatibility to those processes. Bronkhorst understands the special needs of equipment users and quality professionals in biotechnology. The below table shows which features and options are available to address those special needs in bioreactor flow control processes. 

Reliability and reproducibility are key in bioreactor and fermenter processes, especially for flow control. Read below in the table the mass flow controller features for bioreactors and biotechnology.

(depending on model and flow range)
USP CLASS VI for FDA compliance Biocompatibility of used sealing materials
ADI-free All sealing materials are free of Animal Derived Ingredients
EN10204 3.1 material certificate Inspection certificates of material laboratory analyses of all machined wetted parts
Degreased instrument For use with Oxygen enriched media
Surface roughness Industry compatible surface roughness within the flow path
Dynamic range Dynamic range up to 1 : 200
Compact Flow Controller series (IP40) IQ+FLOW and MANI-FLOW for compact bioreactor applications
General purpose Flow Controller series (IP40) EL-FLOW SELECT and FLOW-SMS for broad range of bioreactor applications
Industrial Flow Controller series (IP65) IN-FLOW and MASS-STREAM for industrial set-ups and open frame installations
Process connections Compression type, Face seal, Tri-clamp DIN32676 (serie B)
Multi-Gas functionality Up to 8 flow curves, for example Air, N2, O2 and CO2
Using accurate conversion or calibration on actual used process gas
Calibration on actual gas or with conversion model Both methods available for optimization of process and economical aspects
Calibration certificate Documented accuracy and repeatability of the instrument
Explanation of Calibration Certificate      Blog calibration


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