Application note A062-GP99


Bronkhorst offers mass flow meters and controllers up to 5000 ln/min Air equivalent. In aeration applications up to 50% of the MASS-STREAM flow measurement and control instruments are sold with multi-functional display which offers a wide range of additional options.

This application note introduces aeration presenting several ideas for using our instruments in different industrial sectors. Aeration is a process which circulates, mixes or dissolves air, oxygen, carbon dioxide or other gases in a liquid or substance.

The process of aeration is applied in food and beverage markets, waste water treatment, as well as in fish tanks and fish farms. Examples are oxygen level control in beer brewing and winemaking to allow fermentation. Also milk, sparkling water and other carbonated drinks, like cola, need a throughflow of gases to remove odors or to add CO2. Similar to the use of air pumps in a fish aquarium, industrial gas flow control is used to aerate ponds to grow fish or algae.

Carbonated soft drink by aeration

Application requirements

  • Robustness
  • High repeatability
  • Easy to check actual gas flow
  • Gas consumption monitoring
  • Ingress protection class IP65 rugged and waterproof housing

Industrial sectors

  • Food and beverage
  • Beer brewing and winemaking
  • Production of carbonated drinks
  • Bioreactors and fermenters
  • Waste water treatment
  • Fish and algae farms
  • ...

Optional features

  • Multi-functional display
  • Additional interface
  • Up to 8 calibration curves in one instrument
  • Pressure rating P1 up to 20 bar(g)
  • Compression type fittings

Flow scheme
General flow scheme for control in aeration


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