Application note A065-GP99

Industrial gas ammonia

The digital MASS-STREAM D-6300 series mass flow meters and controllers of Bronkhorst provide the most feasible solution for industrial gases like Ammonia (NH3) with demanding characteristics.

Our mass flow meters and integrated controllers are equipped with stainless steel body (grade SS 316L) and EPDM sealing material. They can be used for gas flows up to 740 ln/min NH3 or up to 1000 ln/min Air equivalent. The CTA (Constant Temperature Anemometry) thru-flow measurement with our inline sensor (no by-pass) is less sensitive to contamination.


Application requirements

  • Robustness
  • Contamination resistivity
  • High repeatability
  • Easy to check actual flow
  • Ingress protection class IP65

Industrial sectors

  • Heat treatment
  • NOx reduction in exhaust fumes
  • Cooling applications
  • Catalyst processes
  • Fermenters

Optional features

  • Multi-functional displays
  • Additional interface
  • Up to 8 calibration curves in one instrument
  • Pressure rating up to 20 bar (g)
  • Compression type fittings

Flow scheme
Flow scheme


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