mini CORI-FLOW™科氏力質量流量計和控制器


隨著 mini CORI-FLOW™ 系列的開發,Bronkhorst 通過實現緊湊、經濟高效的科氏力質量流量計/控制器來精確測量和控制(非常)低的流量,從而在科里奧利質量流量測量和控制方面取得了技術突破 . 微型科里奧利傳感器的獨特設計具有無與倫比的性能,即使在壓力、溫度、密度、電導率和粘度等不斷變化的工作條件下也是如此。

與市場上許多其他科氏力流量計相反,mini CORI-FLOW™ 提供内建 PID 控制和緊耦合控制閥或幫浦,因此是構成非常緊湊、節省成本和空間的精確科氏力質量流量控制器。

  • 最低範圍 0…5 g/h
  • 最高範圍 0…300 kg/h

E-book: How to handle low liquid flows

Focusing on low liquid flows < 100 g/h

Download the e-book 'How to handle low liquid flows' to find out more about 'low flows'. Including in-depth information, technical advice and insider tips from our experts.

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Quick link to Mass Flow Meter / Controller model pages

Mass Flow Meter model pages

Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 100 bar PN 200 bar
  ML120V00  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M12  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M13 / MI130 |  0 ... 2000 g/h
  M14 / MI140 |  0 ... 30 kg/h
M15  |  0 ... 300 kg/h  

Mass Flow Controller model pages

Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 5 bar PN 100 bar
ML120V21  |  0 ... 200 g/h  
  M12V14I  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M13V14I  |  0 ... 2000 g/h
  M14V14I  |  0 ... 7 kg/h


  • Direct mass flow measurement, for liquids and gases
  • High accuracy, excellent repeatability
  • Cost-effective design
  • Compact design, with integrated PID controller for fast and stable control
  • Now suitable for (very) low flow ranges
  • Digital technology allows fieldbus communication and offers user configurable control characteristics
  • Option: ATEX / UKEx approval Cat.3, Zone 2
  • Option: KCs certificate (Protection Ex nA IIC T4)

Video mini CORI-FLOW Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

In this video Bronkhorst, manufacturer of the world's smallest Coriolis flow meters, presents the mechanism of a Coriolis mass flow meter from the mini CORI-FLOW series. The video also explains how the flow can be adjusted quickly and precisely through the combined use of a Coriolis mass flow meter and a gear pump.

Improved dosing applications using Coriolis instruments with CORI-FILL™ technology

CORI-FILL™ technology features an integrated batch counter function together with the facility to directly control shut-off valves, proportional valves or (gear) pumps. Due to this technology, Bronkhorst can offer compact assemblies of (mini) CORI-FLOW™ instruments combined with a valve or pump, capable of dosing the exact desired amount of fluid.

Digital technology

mini CORI-FLOW™ features state-of-the-art digital technology, offering fieldbus interface options and additional functions such as totalisation and alarms. The instruments can be tuned according to customer requirements using the RS232/fieldbus interface and a number of free to use software tools.

Read more about Coriolis measurement principle


mini CORI-FLOW series brochure

mini CORI-FLOW ML120 Manual
mini CORI-FLOW ML120 Quick Installation Guide
mini CORI-FLOW M12-M15 Manual
mini CORI-FLOW M12-M15 Quick Installation Guide
Industrial mini CORI-FLOW MI130-MI140 Manual
Ex Manual/ESI ATEX Zone 2/22 instruments
Bronkhorst Coriolis flow controller in application


The instruments are suited for a wide variety of applications, e.g. in:

  • Analytical systems
  • Dosing of additives in food and beverage industries
  • (Petro-) chemical installations
  • Pilot plants
  • CVD/Coating systems
  • Semiconductor processing

Application stories


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