mini CORI-FLOW™ MI140

Low Flow Coriolis Mass Flow Meter / Controller

  • High accuracy, excellent repeatability
  • Fast response
  • Independent of fluid properties
  • Additional density and temperature output
  • Compact, rugged (IP66/IP67) design, screw terminal connection
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mini CORI-FLOW™MI140

Low Flow Coriolis Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for Liquid and Gases

mini CORI-FLOW™ Mass Flow Meters and Controllers are precise and compact instruments, based on the Coriolis measuring principle, designed to cover the needs of the low flow market. Bronkhorst® model MI130 Mass Flow Meter (MFM) is suited for highly accurate measurement of gas or liquid flow ranges between 0,03…1 kg/h and 0,3…30 kg/h (which corresponds with 0,4…13,3 ln/min up to 4…400 ln/min when used on nitrogen) at operating pressures up to 200 bar. The instruments are equipped with a robust IP66/IP67 weatherproof housing with screw terminal connections.

The instrument contains a microprocessor based pc-board with signal and fieldbus conversion and a PID controller for optional mass flow control by means of a separately mounted control valve or pump.

Technical specifications

Measurement / control system
Flow range
(intermediate ranges available)
min. 0,03…1 g/h
max. 0,3…30 kg/h
Mass flow accuracy Liquid: ±0,2% Rd (of Reading);
Gas: ±0,5% Rd
Turndown up to 1:100
Repeatability ±0,05% Rd ± ½(ZS* x 100/actual flow)%
Zero Stability (ZS)* < ±6 g/h
Response time, meter (t98%) ≤ 200 msec
Operating temperature -20…70°C
Temperature sensitivity** < 0,5 g/h/°C
Temperature accuracy ±0,5°C
Density accuracy < ±20 kg/m3 (at stable flow)
Mounting*** Any position, attitude sensitivity negligible
Leak integrity Outboard < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
Warm-up time > 30 min. for optimum accuracy
Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts) stainless steel 316L / 1.4404
Housing stainless steel 316L / 1.4404
Sensor single tube, DN 1.3
Pressure rating 200 bar abs
Process connections (welded) compression type or face seal couplings
Seals none
Ingress protection (housing) IP66/IP67
Electrical properties
Power supply +15…24 Vdc +/- 10%
Max. ripple recommended: 50 mV tt
Max. power consumption meter: max. 3 W; controller: max 7 W
Analog output

0...5 (10) Vdc, min. load impedance > 2 kΩ;
0 (4)...20 mA (sourcing),
  regular, max. load impedance < 375 Ω;
  with HART, load impedance 250...600 Ω

Analog setpoint
(for MFM + pump or control valve)
0...5 (10) Vdc, min. load impedance > 100 kΩ;
0 (4)...20 mA (sourcing), max. load impedance ~ 250 Ω
Digital communication standard: RS232;
Electrical connection
Analog/RS232 M20 gland
Fieldbus M20 gland
Actuator/Remote display M12 gland
Control valve options
MI140+C0I: Gas flow control valve Kv-max= 6,6 x 10-2
MI140+C2I: Liquid flow control valve Kv-max= 2,3 x 10-3
MI140+C5I: Gas/Liquid flow control valve Kv-max= 6,6 x 10-2
MI140+F-004AI: Gas/Liquid flow control Kv-max= 3,0 x 10-1

* Guaranteed at constant temperature and for unchanging process and environment conditions.
**   Depends on flow rate, heat capacity fluid, T amb., T fluid and cooling capacity.
***  External shocks or vibrations should be avoided.

Technical specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.
Actual form, fit, function is subject to change in next release. 

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


Datasheet Industrial mini CORI-FLOW Series MI1N0
mini CORI-FLOW overview brochure
CORI-FILL brochure

Industrial mini CORI-FLOW manual

Hook-up diagrams
Analog I/O, RS232 and HART
Optional Bus and IO Configurations

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing MI1x0

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