Gas Flow Controllers

Flow rates: up to 375 m3n/h

Bronkhorst specializes in gas mass flow controllers for applications in laboratory, industrial processes, and hazardous locations.

What is a Mass Flow Controller?

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Benefits when using our mass flow controllers

  • High accuracy 
  • Outstanding repeatability for a reliable process
  • Very compact design
  • On-board gas conversion model
  • Extended gas database with customer selectable gases
  • Reduction in cost of ownership

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Gas mass flow controllers used in customer applications

We provide mass flow controllers for gases for many different processes. Read the customer stories below:

What is a mass flow controller?

A gas mass flow controller is an instrument used to measure and control the flow of gases. These controllers are built, tested, and calibrated for specific operating conditions (flow range, type of gas, upstream pressure, downstream pressure, and temperature). 

How does a gas mass flow controller work?

A mass flow controller controls a certain flow by comparing a setpoint value between 0 and 100% of its full-scale range with the measured value. After that, the control valve adjusts the flow (very fast) by opening or closing the valve further until the setpoint is exactly reached. Various principles are used for measuring the flow, such as: thermal by-pass, thermal thru-flow or Coriolis.

What is the difference between mass flow and volume flow?

Coriolis mass flow controllers measure real mass flow, whereas thermal mass flow controller is dependent of the physical properties of the fluid. True mass flow measurement is an important development across industry as it eliminates inaccuracies caused by the physical properties of the fluid, not least being the difference between mass and volumetric flow. Mass is not affected by changing temperature and pressure. This alone makes it an important method of fluid flow measurement.

Thermal mass flow controllers make use of the heat capacity and thermal conductivity of gases to determine mass flow. Unlike volumetric flow measurement devices such as variable area - VA- meters or turbine meters, thermal mass flow controllers are relatively immune to fluctuations in temperature and pressure of the incoming flow.

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Video: 'inline' Gas Flow Controller principle

This video explains the principle of operation of the 'inline'  Gas Flow Controller.

Video: Coriolis Mass Flow Controller principle

This video explains the measuring principle a Coriolis Mass Flow Controller.