EL-FLOW® Base Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

Standard & Straightforward

The Mass Flow Controllers of the EL-FLOW® Base series are standard and straightforward instruments. They provide accurate measurement, fast response and stable control in common gas flow applications.

EL-FLOW Base is an economical solution for installation in (OEM) systems e.g. in coating or welding applications.

  • Lowest range 0,014...10 mln/min
  • Highest range 4...200 ln/min
They offer analog I/O-signals as well as digital RS232 communication and/or Modbus-RTU as a standard feature. EL-FLOW Base is a member of Bronkhorst’s most popular and field proven EL-FLOW series.

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PN 10 bar
F-201CB  |  0,16 ... 20 ln/min
F-201AB  |  0,4 ... 70 ln/min
F-202BB  |  1,4 ... 200 ln/min

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