EtherNet/IP™ (Ethernet Industrial Protocol) is designed for use in industrial environments and time-critical applications. EtherNet/IP™, first presented by the ODVA (Open Device Vendor Association) in the year 2000, is an open communication protocol that adapts CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) to the standard Ethernet. Bronkhorst® Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are in compliance with the EtherNet/IP™ specifications and regulations.

EL-FLOW® Prestige with EtherNet/IP interface
EL-FLOW® Prestige with EtherNet/IP interface


  • +15 or +24 Vdc power supply
  • Standard EtherNet cabling
  • Network topology: tree, star, ring and daisy-chain
  • Baud rates from 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps
  • Communication method: Master/Slave
  • Max. nodes: unlimited

EtherNet/IP™ system example

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