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코팅은 플라즈마 코팅 설치, 화학 증기 증착(CVD), 열 분무, 직물에 대한 플라즈마 증합 등에 사용하기 위해 표준 및 맞춤형 장비를 공급하는 표면 처리 분야의 중요 용어입니다.

응용 예시

  • 플라즈마 코팅
  • 화학 증기 증착 (CVD)
  • 열 분무
  • 섬유 및 섬유 플라즈마 증합
  • 표면이 경화, 장식 또는 기능성 층으로 제공되는 도장 및 기타 공정


Ultrasonic flow meter for thermal spraying

Flame Spray Technologies (NL) has integrated the OEM-version of our ultrasonic flow meter in their client-specific thermal spraying solutions to apply coatings to aerospace applications for example.

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Thermal spraying Flame Spray Technologies
LED Headlamp

Analysis of coating application for car headlamps

Bronkhorst mass flow meters were used in a test setup to analyse the application process of coating car reflectors by a coating robot. 

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Glass coating

Glass coatings are made for modifying optical properties of glass, to improve solar transmission characteristics or just for changing its aesthetic appearance. Whether for solar and energetic control or architectural purposes only, glass coating is a very demanding process.

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Glass Coating
Diamond coating for cutting tool

Gas flow control for Diamond Deposition

In HFCVD processes flow control plays an important role. Gas mixtures must be cautiously controlled; flow controllers are used to guarantee the proper amount of gas and the repeatability of the process. 

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Plasma Spraying

In for example the automotive and aerospace industries some mechanical parts are highly loaded with temperatures, corrosion and erosion. To protect them against these heavy influences, plasma spraying is the solution.

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Water-repellent fabrics and textiles

Waterproof yet breathable clothing prevents rainwater drops from penetrating, and at the same time allows perspiration vapour to pass. And stain-repellent fabrics protect your clothes against coffee, juice or food stains. How to protect your fabrics and textiles without affecting the bulk properties of their fibers?

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Spray Dosing

Speed, reproducibility, stability, easy adjustability, is really a must for liquid dosing techniques like spraying. Bronkhorst fully understands these demands, and the value for the equipment manufacturer and end-user.

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Coloured glass by coating

Glass Surface Treatment

The application of paint or labels to surfaces can be trickier than one would expect. If the surface is not properly prepared, the result will be less than perfect. A leading manufacturer of glass coating equipment was looking for a way to improve their coating process and increase their competitive advantage.

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Improve flow rate stability for thermal spraying process (HVOF)

The University of Nottingham (UK) uses an ultrasonic liquid flow meter for their research towards protective HVOF coatings for combustion processes.  

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coated fuel injector

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