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Flow DDE

FlowDDE is a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server, an easy connection between Windows applications and digital instruments. DDE provides a basic level of interprocess communication between Windows applications.


FlowPlot is a software application for monitoring and service purposes on Bronkhorst® digital instruments. It gives good insight in the dynamic behaviour of meters and controllers and allows adjustment of controller, alarm and counter settings. While plotting, the software tool can store the measured data in a comma separated file (CSV), thus serving as a data logger. FlowPlot is a DDE client and relies on FlowDDE for communication to the instrument.


FlowView is a DDE-client program to operate Bronkhorst® digital instruments or readout-units (E-7000/E-8000 Series).


FlowFix is a configuration application for the fieldbus connection and active fluid, it communicates with the Instrument using RS232. It gives an overview of the available fluids (calibration curves) and allows the user to activate the desired fluid, fieldbus address and baudrate. It is suitable for digital Bronkhorst mass flow/pressure meters/controllers equiped with a digital 'Multibus' PCBoard, like EL-FLOW, IN-FLOW, EL-PRESS and CORI-FLOW series.


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