Flow meters and controllers in the food industry

April 27, 2021 Angela Puls
Filling line fast batch dosing

In the food industry there are many processes in which gas flows or liquid flows need to be measured or controlled. Flow meters or flow controllers are used in aeration processes for beverages or ice creams and for dosing applications such as adding ingredients – like flavourings, colourants and aromas - in confectionery products. But besides food processing applications, flow control is also used in sterilization processes of packaging.


In this blog I’ll share some applications stories in more detail:
Flow controllers for additive dosing
Flow controllers for additive dosing

Flow controllers for additive dosing

There is a huge variation in candy available on the market, each brand with its own taste, texture and appearance. Erwin Broekman visited Haas-Mondomix (NL), a machine builder that is specialized in equipment for the food industry. With ultrasonic volume flow meters, Haas-Mondomix measures the amount of additives - flavourings, and colourings - that are added to the  production process. Please read the blog to learn more about this application.

In the chocolate confectionery industry, there’s a numerous number of variations in flavours. Liquid flow meters in combination with a dosing pump are an ideal solution for dosing flavours and functional ingredients. Read more about dosing flavour into chocolate.

Flow controllers for aeration process

Aeration is used in the production process of ice cream and industrial processed cake. Ice cream is made by freezing and simultaneously blending air into a brewage of fat, sugar and milk solids. Air makes up anywhere from 30% to 50% of the total volume of ice cream, to create an optima structure. It is crucial to have a stable inlet gas flow in the production process with a consistent cream/air ratio. A stable gas flow can be achieved by using a mass flow controller. Read the blog about ice cream aeration.

Aeration is also used in the production of whipped cream. For these kinds of applications the company Hansa Industrie-Mixer has mixing machines and foam generators available. In a guest blog technical director of Hansa Industrie-Mixer, Hans-Georg Frenzel, explains how they use mass flow controllers for aeration purposes.
Flow controller for aeration of ice cream
Flow controller for aeration of ice cream

Sterilisation of food packaging to reduce food waste

However, all that food production does have a downside; food waste. Globally food is lost or wasted at different points in the supply chain. To reduce spoilage of food and increase the shelf life, packaging needs to be sterilised.

This is the point where Controlled Evaporation Mixing (CEM) systems come in the picture. 

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