Product Returns & Replacements (RMA)

Returns for UK customers

Q1) How do I send my instrument back to you? 
A1) Please use the link to our portal, to start the returns process. This link will guide you through the returns process, including decontamination of your instrument. 

Q2) Where do I send my instrument? 
A2) All instruments are preferably sent to us here at our UK address. Instruments can be shipped direct to the head office after authorisation from Bronkhorst UK Ltd. under special circumstances. 

Q3) Do Bronkhorst UK collect my instrument (s)? 
A3) It is the customers responsibility to send the instrument (s) to us and arrange their own courier. We do not offer a collection service. 

Q4) What type of service do you offer? 
A4) We offer calibration- & repair services for all Bronkhorst equipment. 

Q5) What type of calibrations do you offer? 
A5) We can calibrate both Flow instruments and Pressure instruments. We offer an ‘as found' calibration and an ‘as left’ calibration. 

  • ‘As found’ = We perform a calibration check on the instruments’ current calibration state, as it is ‘found’. A certificate is supplied to show the instruments deviation. 
  • 'As Left’ = The instrument will be put back into premium calibration regardless and will meet the stated accuracy. As it ‘left’ the factory, if you like. '

Q6) How long does it take to calibrate my instrument? 
A6) Calibrations take on average around 10 working days depending on current work load and other variables. If time is of the essence then we also offer a pre-booked service at no extra cost, this is highly recommended. In some cases we can then offer a same-day service. 

Q7) How much does it cost ? 
A7) We can always provide you with an upfront quotation for your instrument, please contact [email protected] including the serial number (s) of the instruments you wish quoting for. 

Q8) What if my instrument is damaged beyond repair? 
A8) This is a very unlikely case and we can always fix even the most damaged instruments, normally the cost of repair is much lower than the cost of a new replacement and we will always inform you of any additional costs before carrying out any work. In the unfortunate event a replacement is required we can also provide you with a quotation for a new instrument. In these cases, any service / inspections fees would also be waived. 

Safety information for the return of instruments and components (Decontamination Statement)

This document is used for gathering safety information for the return of instruments and components. The customer bears the responsibility for the health and safety of all who come into contact with the returned item(s). This responsibility spans from the users own personnel, through shipping agents, to Bronkhorst Goods In and our Service Personnel who come into contact with the instrument and its components. Any contamination of the instrument and components, even if it has been removed, must be made known, and the declaration on contamination must always be filled out.

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