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Do you require calibration or repair services for your flow meter and controller? Then look no further! We have a UK calibration Service Centre which is available for support when you need it whether it be repair, calibration or just general advice . Additionally, our Calibration Centre in the Netherlands is accredited with ISO/IEC 17025, ensuring the highest standards of quality and accuracy. If you're unsure about how often your flow meter or controller needs to be calibrated or how to calibrate it properly, keep reading for more information.

What is flow meter calibration?

Flow meter calibration is the process of verifying the accuracy of a flow measuring device by comparing its output to a reference. You can calibrate all your flow instruments by our Bronkhorst UK calibration services centre, or by the end user if they have the appropriate equipment. Read more…

Re-calibration is a term used when a flow meter is sent back to the factory for a periodic calibration check. Essentially, re-calibration is the same as calibration, in which the flow meter is compared to a fixed reference. Calibration does not involve any adjustment, but rather serves as a way to ensure the accuracy of the device's readings.

How to calibrate a flow meter?

To calibrate a flow meter, its output must be compared to a reference instrument with a known accuracy level. This comparison can be done by a Bronkhorst service office, Calibration Centre, or by the end user if they have the necessary equipment. Properly calibrated flow meters can provide more accurate and reliable measurements, which can lead to improved production yields and consistency. 

Flow meter and controller calibration UK
Calibration Services Bronkhorst UK

All process instruments, including mass flow instruments, can experience wear and tear from the conditions of their installation. Factors such as temperature, electronic component tolerance shift, and contamination buildup can all contribute to inaccuracies in measurements over time.

To maintain accuracy, it is recommended that instruments undergo regular calibration checks or even recalibration, depending on the specific application. However, the frequency of calibration intervals can vary widely based on the conditions of the process and running time.

Bronkhorst instruments do not have specified due dates for calibration, but it is suggested to calibrate them every year. However, customers should determine their own calibration frequency based on their application conditions and quality procedures.

Are you curious how a typical day of calibration looks like how you calibrate a flow meter?

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Examples of applications in flow meter calibration services

Flow meter and controller calibration are used in a wide variety of applications; here are some examples:

ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Calibrations

Bronkhorst flow meters and controllers are calibrated to ISO 9001 standards before shipment, which is included in the price. Additional calibration services, including as as-found and as-left calibration, and third-party instrument calibration, are also available.

The Bronkhorst Calibration Center (BCC) is ISO 17025 accredited by the Accreditation Council, scope K127. Accreditation demonstrate a perimeter of competencies, independence and impartiality in all calibration domains. Our laboratory complies with ISO/IEC17025 standards guaranteeing the traceability of calibrations and tests. As well as being accredited, Bronkhorst calibration centre works hand in hand with metrological accreditation bodies and supports professional organizations. Read more...

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Flow meter calibration UK

Benefits of working with our BCC

Benefits of working with our BCC

  • One-stop service for purchasing flow measuring instruments with an ISO 17025 calibration.
  • Qualified staff with a “quality-first” approach and an eye for customers needs.
  • High level of calibration and measurement capabilities.

Scope of accreditation

  • Gas flow calibration services, including adjustments in the range of 0,15 mln/min up to 6200 ln/min.
  • Liquid flow calibration in the range of 1 g/h up to 30 kg/h
  • Pressure calibration from 25 mbar up to 150 bar 1)
1) Higher ranges on request

Click here to review our detailed scope (RvA website)

Scope of accreditation

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