Low-flow (mass) flow metering solutions

Bronkhorst offers an extensive range of low-flow (mass) flow metering solutions for applications in laboratories, machinery, industry and hazardous areas. We can offer you numerous versions of both standard and customised instruments.

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Flow Meters; a beginners’ guide

Our product portfolio contains:

  • Flow meters & controllers for gas and liquid
  • Pressure transmitters & digital pressure controllers
  • Complete customised flow solutions
  • Dosing systems for accurate and repeatable control of additives
  • Solutions for accurate vapour flow control
And more!

Gas Flow

Gas Flow

  • Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gas
  • Flow rates: 0,014 mln/min up to 11.000 m3n/h
  • Widest product portfolio
  • Suitable for laboratory, machinery, industry & hazardous locations

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Liquid Flow

Liquid Flow

  • Liquid Flow Meters & Controllers
  • Mass flow, Coriolis: 50 mg/h - 600 kg/h
  • Mass flow, thermal: 5 mg/h - 1 kg/h
  • Volume flow, ultrasonic: 2 - 1500 ml/min
  • Volume flow, other principles: up to 250 l/min

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Vapour flow

Vapour flow

  • Vapour delivery system
  • Flow Controllers combined with temperature Controlled Evaporation and Mixing device (CEM)
  • Suitable for vapour deposition and humidification

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Vapour flow

Flow solutions

  • Customised flow solutions
  • Gas, liquid and vapour flow skids and cabinets
  • Modular sub-systems
  • Bespoke manifold assemblies

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  • Electronic Pressure Meters & Controllers
  • From vacuum up to 400 bar
  • For various applications: all-round models, industrial or microfluidic constructions, metal sealed instruments

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Accessories and software

Accessories and software

  • Software tools
  • Readout & power supply
  • Control valves and pumps
  • Filters and mounting parts
  • Portable calibrators

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