Flow meters for additive dosing in the plastic industry

December 27, 2022 Angela Puls
additive dosing with a Coriolis instrument

In our daily life we use plastics and polymers in many different forms. It is used as a disposable product for packaging or as a long-lasting component in the automotive industry, in sports equipment and toys.
Plastics are tailor-made for the application, depending on the properties desired. In this way, properties such as hardness, mold ability (or formability), elasticity, tensile strength, temperature, radiation and heat resistance can be adjusted as well as the chemical and physical resistance can be adapted to the desired function.

To create the plastic properties as desired, additives are applied in the manufacturing process. These additives are applied by using flow meters or flow meters combined with a pump.

Precise dosing of additives

Typical additives in the plastics industry are antistatic agents, dyes, flame retardants, fillers, lubricants, colourants, stabilizers and plasticizers. Many of these additives are liquid. Precise dosing of these additives, gives you the opportunity for a more efficient manufacturing process and minimization of unnecessary waste.

mini CORI-FLOW flow meter with pump

Traditional way of dosing additives

Additives are often added in a traditional way by using needle valves. Using needle valves is inexpensive, but always has a risk on malfunction. Because of pressure- and temperature fluctuations which can occur in the process. For some additives, like plasticizers, a precise dosing of additives is very important as these are directly absorbed by human beings or accumulate in the food chain.

Precise dosing with Coriolis flow meters

Precise dosing is possible if you use the Bronkhorst Coriolis flow meters. These flow meters have an integrated dosing technology to ensure an accurate and reproducible dosing of liquids. If you combine these ‘mini CORI-FLOW’ flow meters with a pump or a suitable valve, fluids can be dosed continuously or as a batch with high reproducibility. These systems can be integrated or used as an add-on in already existing processes and production lines.

5 Reasons to use flow meters for additive dosing

  • No need for (re)calibration in the field – fluid independent flow measurement and control
  • Gas and liquid can be measured with the same sensor
  • Ability to measure undefined or variable mixture
  • Multi parameters
  • The CORI-FILL technology features an integrated batch counter function and enables direct control shut-off valves or pumps

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Dosing technology integrated in flow meters

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