Certificates and declarations

Here you can review or download our various certificates and declarations:

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ISO-9001 certificate Bronkhorst High-Tech ISO 9001:2015    
ISO-14001 certificate Bronkhorst High-Tech ISO 14001:2015    
IS0-17025 certificate Bronkhorst Calibration Centre ISO 17025:2017    
ISO-9001 certificate M+W Instruments ISO 9001:2015    
ATEX CAT2 notification DEKRA 12ATEXQ0100    
ATEX CAT2 certificate MFM Measuring Head X100 KEMA 01ATEX1172    
ATEX CAT2 certificate XB-coil LCIE 02ATEX6024 X/03    
ATEX CAT2 certificate XC-coil LCIE 02ATEX6011 X/02    
ATEX CAT 2 certificate Transmitter Supply Unit Stahl 9260/13-11-10S BVS 17 ATEX E 087 X

Power Supply for EX-FLOW Series, integrated in E-8000 PS/Readout Units
(doc. 9.06.118)

ATEX CAT 2 certificate Isolating Repeater, Stahl 9167/13-11-00S   Loop Powered Isolating Repeater for EX-FLOW Control Valves with XB-coil, integrated in E-8000 PS/Readout Units
(doc. 9.06.036)
ATEX CAT3 examination certificate KEMA 10ATEX0111X IN-FLOW, (mini) CORI-FLOW, IN-PRESS and
Industrial LIQUI-FLOW Series
FM approval Class I, Div. 2 (US) for IN-FLOW FM17US0363X (doc. 9.06.102)  
FM approval Class I, Div. 2 (CA) for IN-FLOW FM17CA0173X (doc. 9.06.103)  
IECEx certificate EX-FLOW MFM Measuring Head X100  IECEx DEK 14.0060    
TIIS certificate MFM Measuring Head X100 TIIS: 検・第TC21584号    
ATEX certificate XM1x mini CORI-FLOW Ex d DEKRA 12ATEX0144X    
IECEx certificate XM1x mini CORI-FLOW Ex d IECEx DEK 12.0040    
JPEx certificate XM1x mini CORI-FLOW DEK 19.0041    
UL /CSA Statement of Compliance for EL-FLOW Prestige and IN-FLOW

IEC 61010-1 

(doc. 9.06.112)
IEC-61010-1:2010 including national deviations for UL (61010-1:2012) and CSA (C22.2 No. 61010-1-12)

PROFIBUS certificate MBC2 Z00729 (doc. 9.06.019)  
PROFIBUS certificate MBC3 Z01578 (doc. 9.06.069)  
FLOW-BUS PROFIBUS Gateway Statement   (doc. 9.06.077)  
PROFINET certificate - FLOW Z11330 (doc. 9.06.098)  
PROFINET certificate - Pressure Z11331 (doc. 9.06.099)  
PROFINET certificate - Multi-channel Z11332 (doc. 9.06.100)  
PROFINET certificate - PID Z11333 (doc. 9.06.101)  
PROFINET - Statement of identity   (doc. 9.06.104)  
DeviceNet ODVA conformance test report MBC2      
DeviceNet ODVA conformance test report MBC3      
DeviceNet ODVA certificate of conformity MBC2      
DeviceNet ODVA certificate of conformity MBC3      
EtherNet/IP ODVA declaration of conformity   (doc. 9.06.120)  
Statement Bronkhorst® for RoHS 2011/65/EU   (RoHS)  
EU declaration instruments - general   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.021)  
EU declaration RoHS - general   (RoHS; doc. 9.06.124)  
EU declaration mini CORI-FLOW Series M12-M15, M5x   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.059)  
EU declaration mini CORI-FLOW Series ML120   (EMC, RoHS, LVD; doc. 9.06.074)  
EU declaration mini CORI-FLOW Ex-D Series XM1x   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.055)  
EU declaration CEM    (EMC, RoHS, LVD; doc.9.06.058)  
EU declaration ATEX CAT2    (incl. EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.032)  
EU declaration ATEX CAT3 Bronkhorst High-Tech    (incl. EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.038)  
EU declaration XM1x mini CORI-FLOW Ex d    (EMC; doc. 9.06.089)  
EU declaration Readout Units E-8000    (EMC, RoHS, LVD; 9.06.066)  
EU declaration E-8000 module for EX-FLOW transmitter supply unit Stahl 9260   (ATEX, EMC, RoHS; 9.06.119)  
EU declaration BRIGHT R/C modules   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.042)  
EU declaration PiPS (Plug-in Power Supply)   (EMC, RoHS, LVD; doc. 9.06.043)  
EU declaration VDM Series Vapor Delivery Modules    (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.071)  
EU declaration MASS-VIEW Series   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.040)  
EU declaration MASS-STREAM Series   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.044)  
EU declaration FLOW-BUS - PROFIBUS Gateway   (EMC; doc. 9.06.076)  
EU declaration FLOW-BUS - PROFINET Gateway   (EMC; doc. 9.06.082)  
EU declaration RS232-FLOW-BUS Interface Box   (EMC; doc. 9.06.123)  
Reach declaration Bronkhorst   (Mass Flow Meters/Controllers, Pressure Meters/Controllers, Readouts; doc. 9.06.056)  
Reach declaration MASS-STREAM Series   (doc. 9.06.075)  
Conflict minerals Bronkhorst       
Conflict minerals MASS-STREAM Series    (doc. 9.06.073)  
Declaration of Traceability of Flow Calibration Standards    (doc. 9.06.064)  
Decontamination statement (to be completed by the customer for returns)   (doc. 9.17.032)  
KCs certificate IN-FLOW MFM   (doc. 9.06.097)  
KCs certificate EX-FLOW MFM   (doc. 9.06.105) - X100 measuring head  
KCs certificate IN-FLOW MFC   (doc. 9.06.113)  
KCs certificate IN-PRESS   (doc. 9.06.114)  
KCs certificate CORI-FLOW   (doc. 9.06.115)  
KCs certificate mini CORI-FLOW   (doc. 9.06.116)  
Exproof Certificate ATEX Stahl 9167    (doc. 9.06.036)  
ATEX certificate Stahl 9260   (doc. 9.06.118)  
EU DoC supply unit Stahl 9260   (doc. 9.06.119)  
3A authorization certificate for ES-FLOW MkII series   (doc. 9.06.122)  


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