Version 2.31
Date 11-08-2016
Size 54.12 Kb
Type application/zip

Files in the archive file

GSD File    : GSDML-V2.31-BHT-Gateway-20160811.xml
Bitmap File   : GSDML-02F3-0001-Device.bmp
Icon File      : GSDML-02F3-0001-Icon.ico

Interface type : PROFINET IO-Device standard, Class B, Real time

This GSDML file can be used for the Bronkhorst GATEWAY equipped with a PROFINET interface.

A GSDML file is a readable ASCII text file and contains both general and device-specific specifications for communication (Communication Feature List) and network configuration. Each of the entries describes a feature that is supported by a device. By means of keywords, a configuration tool reads the device identification (ID number), the adjustable parameters, the corresponding data type and the permitted limit values for the configuration of the device from the GSDML. Some of the keywords are mandatory, for example Vendor_Name and others are optional. A GSDML replaces the previously conventional manuals and supports automatic checks for input errors and data consistency, even during the configuration phase.

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