Liquid Flow Filters

  • SS 316L sintered metal filters, for general purpose filtration
  • Cartridges may be cleaned with suitable solvent
  • In case of severe particle content in gas use pre-filter
  • In principle select finest porosity with low ΔP; preferably ΔP not higher than 250 to 500 mbar, and porosity not bigger than 5 μm.
  • Drain facility (on M2 Series)
  • On request: PVDF fine filters for ultra-clean filtering



Filters play a relevant role to protect sensitive components in a fluid system. Bronkhorst® COMBI-FLOW filters for liquid flow purposes offer great flexibility, thanks to the modular concept, whereby they can be equipped with different fluid connectors and filter cartridges. M1 Series filters have the advantage, that their cartridge can be replaced without removing the base from the pipe. The configuration of the M2 Series filters features a drain outlet, provided with a drain plug, which can be replaced by a regular fitting to accommodate proper connection to a drainage facility.

Technical specifications

Available models
Model no. Average porosity (µm) Pressure rating
M1-AB 0.5 100 bar
M1-AC 2 100 bar
M1-AD 7 100 bar
M1-AE 15 100 bar
M2-AF 10 200 bar
M2-AG 40 200 bar
M2-AH 25 200 bar


Filters brochure
Manual M2 Filter
Dimensional drawings
Dimensional Drawing M2 Filter


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