Coriolis Flow Meters


Mass Flow Measurement of low flow rates, independent of fluid properties

With the development of the mini CORI-FLOW™ series Bronkhorst achieved a technological breakthrough in Coriolis mass flow measurements and control, by realising a compact, cost-effective Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for accurate measurement and control of (very) low flow rates. The unique design of the miniature Coriolis sensor features unsurpassed performance, even with changing operating conditions in pressure, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity.

Contrary to many other Coriolis flow meters on the market, mini CORI-FLOW™ offers integrated PID control and close-coupled control valves or pumps, thus constituting very compact, cost- and space-saving, precise Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers for low flow liquid and gas regulation.

  • Lowest range 0…5 g/h (0…66,6 mln/min N2)
  • Highest range 0…300 kg/h (0…3900 ln/min N2)


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Mass Flow Meter model pages

Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 100 bar PN 200 bar
  ML120V00  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M12  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M13 / MI130 |  0 ... 2000 g/h
  M14 / MI140 |  0 ... 30 kg/h
M15  |  0 ... 300 kg/h  

Mass Flow Controller model pages

Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 5 bar PN 100 bar
ML120V21  |  0 ... 200 g/h  
  M12V10I  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M12V11I  |  0 ... 200 g/h
  M13V10I  |  0 ... 2000 g/h
  M13V11I  |  0 ... 2000 g/h
  M14V10I  |  0 ... 30 kg/h
  M14V11I  |  0 ... 30 kg/h


  • Direct mass flow measurement, for liquids and gases
  • High accuracy, excellent repeatability
  • Cost-effective design
  • Compact design, with integrated PID controller for fast and stable control
  • Now suitable for (very) low flow ranges
  • Digital technology allows fieldbus communication and offers user configurable control characteristics
  • Option: ATEX / UKEx approval Cat.3, Zone 2
  • Option: KCs certificate (Protection Ex nA IIC T4)

Video mini CORI-FLOW Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

In this video Bronkhorst, manufacturer of the world's smallest Coriolis flow meters, presents the mechanism of a Coriolis mass flow meter from the mini CORI-FLOW series. The video also explains how the flow can be adjusted quickly and precisely through the combined use of a Coriolis mass flow meter and a gear pump.

Coriolis mass flow meters as alternative to thermal mass flow meters

Digital technology

mini CORI-FLOW™ features state-of-the-art digital technology, offering fieldbus interface options and additional functions such as totalisation and alarms. The instruments can be tuned according to customer requirements using the RS232/fieldbus interface and a number of free to use software tools.

Alternative to thermal MFCs

mini CORI-FLOW™ was designed to enable easy exchange of traditional thermal MFCs. mini CORI-FLOW™ flow controllers have the same footprint and also electrically the instruments feature the same options for analog and fieldbus communication. Compared to thermal MFCs, Coriolis based flow controllers are more accurate, faster and offer independence from fluid properties.

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mini CORI-FLOW overview brochure
Bronkhorst Coriolis flow controller in application


The instruments are suited for a wide variety of applications, e.g. in:

  • Analytical systems
  • Dosing of additives in food and beverage industries
  • (Petro-) chemical installations
  • Pilot plants
  • CVD/Coating systems
  • Semiconductor processing

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