What are the benefits of a P-800 Process Pressure Controller compared to conventional solutions?

For precise control of the pressure in a process chamber, or to control the pressure in your system, electronic (digital) pressure controllers are used. Such a pressure controller regulates a control valve, allowing to increase the pressure inside the process chamber. To relief the pressure, traditionally bleed valves are used, continuously venting to the environment.

In case of expensive or dangerous process gases this is not preferred. In that case often an additional valve with valve steering unit is used to control the relief. These additional components makes the system complex.

The P-800 Process Pressure Controller series has an integrated relief valve, reducing the components and avoiding continuously venting to the environment.

Check out the benefits of the P-800 Process Pressure Controller compared to a conventional solution using a bleed valve and a solution with a separate relief valve:

Why use a P-800 Process Pressure Controller instead of a bleed valve or separate relief valve?

Conventional solution with bleed to atmosphere

 Higher gas consumption due to constant bleed

 Not suitable for dangerous gases


Process Pressure Controller

 Low gas consumption

 Safe solution for any type of gas


Conventional solution with separate relief valve

 Connection of various components requires more space

 Purchase, mounting and test of various components is less efficient and more expensive


Process Pressure Controller

 Compact integrated solution

 Economical “plug-and-perform” solution



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