For ultra-fast and precise batch dosing using Bronkhorst flow meters and controllers

CORI-FILL™ is a firmware which is integrated in all Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers, both in the mini CORI-FLOW series and CORI-FLOW series as well as our ES-FLOW series, which are based on the advanced ultrasonic wave technology. The technology features an integrated batch counter function with functionality to directly control shut-off valves, proportional valves or (gear) pumps. It's an alternative to the more traditional gravimetric method or simply relying on the repeatability of pumps without measuring the true flow.

The video explains how the flow can be adjusted quickly and precisely through the combined use of a Coriolis mass flow meter and a gear pump.


  • Ultra-fast and precise batch dosing
  • Excellent traceability, every batch can be monitored/stored
  • Automatic and adjustable correction algorithm
  • Mass flow and volume flow
  • Additional density and temperature output


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Example dosing installation with CORI-FILL

Compact, configurable dosing solution

The technology has been developed to perform batch dosing operations with the highest accuracy, without any additional hardware or complex programming. This gives us the possibility to supply compact assemblies of Coriolis instruments or Ultrasonic flowmeters combined with a valve or pump, capable of dosing the exact desired amount of fluid. For applications using repetitive dosing and filling tasks for precursors, additives, solvents, etc.

The on-board PID-controller of the Bronkhorst flow meter will control the actuation time of the valve or pump till the desired batch size is reached. By adjusting the digital parameters of the flow meter, the user can adjust the settings from ultra-fast batch dosing up to smooth proportional control. An automatic correction algorithm enables an adjustment of the actuation time.

Coriolis mass flow meters will dose true mass flow, independent of ambient temperature and back pressure. Alternatively the instruments can be configured for measurement and control of volume flow, by using the actual measured density and temperature. ES-FLOW ultrasonic flow meters also measure volume flow, independent of fluid properties.

Illustration gravimetric method

Traditional Gravimetric method

Traditionally, dosage of mass/volume is achieved by using a shut-off valve with a weighing scale/balance. The weighing scale is located under a valve outlet nozzle and, after a zeroing procedure, the valve will open. The weighing scale will send a signal to PLC or control unit and when the batch has been reached the valve will close.

Illustration CORI-FILL method

CORI-FILL™ method

The CORI-FILL technology has integrated batch counters and the facility to directly operate connected shut-off valves. The used Coriolis mass flow meter is capable of dosing the exact desired amount of compound into the collecting vessel.

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